Yet ANOTHER Coincidence in My life

So I get into a fight with Mesner on Twitter- then Sheriff Donavan commits suicide- then the gas station across the street from me blows up- and within all of this happening the Earling attorney filed paperwork in this case about my dogs.

This fight for my dogs has NOT ended, obviously.

The Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint against Earling and each side had to file paperwork with the court this month with regards to it.

It just doesn’t have the bite it once did as the protection order that was in place when they tried to convict me of a crime for having them eight months after agreeing to let me have them is past.

They can’t send me to jail over it- thus I can’t be murdered in jail and I was promised.

But all of this occurred within the same month. Suicide, explosion, court filings- and the official explanation is that it is all one long series of coincidences.

Never mind the break ins and death threats etc etc etc. None of it is connected.  And with regards to me- NONE of it has been investigated.

Including the fact that started it ALL- that my family was child trafficking along with a very well connected group. 

Which is why I say that I have never met a cop I trusted. Their job is to bust the little guy and do whatever it takes to protect the status quo. They demand your respect while bowing down to the devil.

And all the while they protect child killers.

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