The Game Being Played with Issac Kappy is Identical to the One That Was Played with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s

Issac Kappy, an actor who was supposedly exposing the pedophilia in Hollywood, is dead. At least that is the story.

Despite doing a Periscope video a day and a half before where he repeatedly stated that he was in no way suicidal, it has been said that he drove to Arizona and jumped off an overpass bridge into an oncoming truck.

According to what has been reported- first there were two teenage boys trying to stop him on the bridge in the middle of nowhere at 7:30 a.m. and now it has grown to 18 people that were standing on the bridge.

The problems with all of this are that the family didn’t identify the body and he was immediately cremated.

However my main issue with this mess is that now- the conversation has been changed from what Kappy was “exposing”- and I use parentheses because other than a lot of talk and allegations nothing was ever really exposed- to a complete focus on who was involved with Kappy’s before his death- and who is and is not a shill.

Children and their abuse and trafficking are no longer part of the equation.

Distraction has become the game- just as it was with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s.

What do I mean?

Well, Franklin Credit became about ONE boy’s abduction- which occurred in West Des Moines Iowa.

Of course I am speaking about Johnny Gosch- who was one of THREE newspaper boys who disappeared at the time although few even know about the other two boys- Eugene Martin and Marc Allen.

His mother Noreen- who many consider a ” saint” in all of this- has done nothing but discombobulate the situation and we are nowhere closer to knowing what happened now than we were back then, despite the fact that both my sister and I have told her that the three brothers involved were the Aquazino brothers (not sure of the spelling), who grew up with my older siblings and who I knew as waiters at the French Cafe.

Or that Sam Soda, who has been alleged to be involved, was a manager at the Stage Door bar- an establishment directly across from the Omaha Police headquarters.

Noreen, after speaking extensively with me, then proceeded to call my sister late at night, after my sister had taken her Ambien, and ply her for information. This stopped after my sister told her ex husband if he woke her up and handed her the phone one more time she would throw him out.

Then there is Paul Bonnaci who is also regarded as a hero, although it was HIS testimony and his weird multiple personality act- that rivaled Edward Norton’s performance in “Primal Fear”- that brought the grand jury to call the allegations a carefully crafted hoax.

And logically it was an act. MKUltra victims were designed to be spies- but watching his performance- what secrets would YOU have told him and would you actually believe he would have kept your secrets private?

And yet we are to believe this group of child abductors- whose whole focus was secrecy- did just that.

Michael Brownell- who was present when Troy Boner’s brother was shot to death- had no idea who Bonnaci even was when he came forward. But don’t take MY word for it- hear it in his own words in our interview…

John DeCamp- the lawyer who was involved with Franklin Credit (as well as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting), is regarded as another hero, having written a book about the Franklin Credit scandal.

However, his book didn’t include the Old Market, which was where children were being abducted- like 13 year old Todd Bequette, or the Hollywood Bar- where when allegations came forward that snuff films were being produced there was demolished and a city parking garage was built over it, or that Sam Soda worked at the Stage Door a block up from the Hollywood Bar- (despite the fact he was working hand in hand with Noreen Gosch)- not to mention the satanic rituals that were being performed at Hummel Park- which was a few miles right outside of town.

My point is that controlled opposition is ALWAYS used in these situations to distract and discombobulate the issues. They pose as heroes- gathering people and directing them into dead ends until they grow tired and drift away.

And controlled opposition is on BOTH sides- playing the parts of both villains and hero’s. Controlling the narrative is ALWAYS the goal.

The same is happening with Kappy. Now it has become all about his death rather than the pedophilia he was constantly talking about.

With this- I have to disclose I didn’t trust Kappy.  For a myriad of reasons but mostly because he was reckless and surrounded by people I felt could not be trusted.

But what my sister and I know about Omaha is the very reason they are doing what they can to silence us.

Thus, despite him reaching out to me repeatedly, I came to constantly decline his pleas to work with me.

The focus should be on STOPPING this child abuse and NOT on personalities. But what I am watching with Kappy now- I am beginning to realize this is a pipe dream- as people still- 30+ years later- seem almost eager to be lead by intrigue than discovering the true facts even now- let alone doing anything to bring all of this to a halt.

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