They Are Doing Everything They Can To Shut Me Up About My Family Being Involved With Child Trafficking

This situation with my dogs is but one example.

When I bought this house in Earling, it was in order to get away from the targeting in Seattle.

This bogus protection order taken out on me in the Kent, WA court had about 15 videos listed on it but NONE had to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

Both he and his cult group has sent me constant threatening emails.

It also said I threatened Algona, WA police but this was a complete lie as NO charges were leveled at me for doing such a thing.

Later- another filing in Pacific, WA transpired accusing me of violating the protection order- with a different judge- all the while Mesner was sending me emails telling me they were going to have me murdered in jail.

The Satanic Temple has a consistent history of using the courts in order to attack those they believe are vulnerable or who have money. The latest was Netflix.

I decided the best decision was to move back home to Iowa and away from Algona WA.

While trying to sell my house- they broke in and disconnected wires, knocking out 1/4 of my houses electricity- which I had to pay a 1000 dollars to an electrician to come in and fix.

All the while I was getting emails telling me to “say goodbye to my house” .

When I moved to Earling, IA- the town council had to approve of my dogs- as they are pits- which they did.

After arriving here- I was still getting emails from Mesner- informing me that he had already enlisted someone to help him attack me in the small town.

I was experiencing break ins repeatedly- someone tried to poison my dogs twice- and all of this was precipitated by emails from Doug- who was telling me it was going to happen before it occured.

However- the city clerk in town here had befriended me before I even left Seattle and had keys to my house. So she is the logical suspect to the break Ins as police couldn’t figure out who was doing it.

She blamed the break Ins on my neighbor- telling me my neighbor was being investigated for manufacturing meth in her basement- and even gave me a photocopy of my neighbors check my neighbor had written to the city for her water bill.

At the time I thought it was weird but now I realize she (and Doug) were hoping I would publish it on my blog- which would have been a crime.

In fact the IA Shelby County Sheriff had me in for an hour and a half recorded interview discussing everything that was happening, as they realize what is happening is nefarious.

I made a complaint to the city council eight months after arriving- making a complaint about the city clerk- and directly after- a day and a half later- a deputy came to my house telling me I had 10 day’s to get rid of my dogs.

This went to court – where they tried to charge me with a crime for having them- despite approving them 8 months before.

This is all an attempt to get me in violation of the protection order- which says I can’t get in trouble for a year or face jail.

Eventually this case was thrown out of court.

Now the city council is requiring everyone in town to register their dogs and cats- but you have to go through the SAME city clerk who gave me such issues previously.

I have made repeated attempts to register my dogs- but you have to call as city hall does not have regular hours.

I have realized that the town council- who has already taken me to court- isnt going to allow me to register them.

Which will end up being used to say I committed a crime- which will violate that protection order in WA.

Where, if Doug follows with his promise- they will have me murdered.

Thing is- Shane Bugbee- who was Co-founder of the Satanic Temple- quit because he discovered Mesner was working with the CIA…

religion: a master and slave relationship

So I am in a quagmire – if I don’t get rid of the dogs- I violate my protection order at which they will put me in jail and murder me. But considering both my therapist and psychiatrist have stated for the court that my dogs are emotional support dogs- if I am forced to get rid of them, with everything that has happened- I am sure they will come in and hurt me and claim I committed suicide.

All to shut me up and prevent me from exposing my family’s involvement with child trafficking along with a myriad of other crimes.

My only hope is the Iowa Civil Liberties Commission, who is investigating Earling for discrimination and retaliation against me. Looking at the situation as a whole- it is pretty easy to see.

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