The Online Attacks Have Increased Exponentially Since Yesterday in Australia

It has been amazing- the attacks today. All from Satanists and those promoting Satanism if you bother to research the people posting. Magic Kool Aid and Omni_Eris are one in the same by the way- and as you can tell- he is OBSESSED With me. Sick as that is.

But this HAD to happen. With the Australian Prime Minister acknowledging ritual abuse- there is no longer any question as to whether it exists.

So they realize that average people- esp in America- are going to start Googling ritual abuse- and in doing so my name is going to come up all over the place.

So they are working overtime to prevent people from listening to me by spreading BS.

Their primary tactic is trying to assert that I am a pedophile. This isn’t true- and what they are desperate to run with is something that happened when I was 13. Of course now they are desperate to convince people that I was 16.

They are running with this because there is nothing in my adult life.

Also- my primary focus is NOT working with children- at ALL actually- but rather on encouraging adult survivors to come forward- as I believe it is THEIR voices that will expose this and bring it to an end.

But for those reading the BS about me- here are a few postings you may also want to consider.

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