“Controlled Opposition” IS a Thing and Is in Full Force with Hoaxtead Research

Sending in a “hero” on the side of your opposition in order for them to do crazy stupid stuff in order to discredit your opposition is a long and well known practice- and is in full force when it comes to Hoaxtead Research.

One of their favorites is Angela Power Disney- who they have repeatedly tried to connect me with- although it wasn’t even a week after her contacting me that I told her to bugger off.

Why? Because she constantly wanted to talk to me on camera- and ONLY on camera- and she was adamant that I constantly speak about Michael Aquino. The last straw was our last conversation when she threw a fit I wasn’t on camera- unaware I was on the toilet at the time I answered. That and the fact she wanted to connect me with Doug Dietrich – who I know is controlled opposition for Michael Aquino.

In the 60’s- it is known that our government sent in controlled opposition to civil rights marches in order to help them become violent- so this practice is not unknown and has a long history.

I believe it has been their controlled opposition that has done the majority of things Hoaxtead has used to discredit the Hampstead case in the UK- but then I am on record with my belief that the ONLY thing real concerning this case was the children. Everything else was sent in to discredit this case and every other case like it.

Not saying these “heroes” haven’t attracted a few stand alone crazies who have been willing to do crazy crap on their own- but then this is ALSO part of their game as it furthers their agenda.

And this isn’t just indicative of the UK- as the US and Australia has it’s own practices of this behavior.

They send in “heroes” in order to distract advocates and reel in any real survivor who may be a potential threat. I have been duped by this crap many times myself- which is why I now stick with solely myself. There are just too many disingenuous players in this mess to trust anyone else.

And this is being done on purpose. Of course Hoaxtead will dismiss this but then – what would you expect them to do? They want to quelch any and all discussion of children being ritually abused- and despite their arguments being ridiculous it doesn’t mean they are incapable of devious behavior. I mean- they aren’t completely stupid.

Just determined.

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