The Spiritual Truth I Know

I often wonder how people conceptualize the idea in their minds when I tell them that I was raised by a bunch of devil lovers who did their best to train me into being the Antichrist. From people’s reactions sometimes- I often wonder if they aren’t thinking I was taught to bake cookies or something- as although many listen and few, except the members of the pedophile protection squad, question the validity of what I am saying- few seem to truly understand what I was trained to do. And at such a young age that it helped form the very foundation of who I am as a whole of a person.

Manipulating energy is all magic really is. And since the Kingdom and power of Heaven lays within us all- as well as all around us- Luciferian devil lovers did what they always do- and used that truth in order to pervert it. Very few of the majority of people has ever practiced- REALLY practiced- witchcraft and magic, so it is hard to for them to fathom that it REALLY WORKED- and how real the power that was behind it really was.

We have been brought to believe that demons are a joke- and that the practice of worshiping them is nonexistent- but there ARE those who realize the truth that there was power in such practices. It has been said that the greatest lie the devil ever convinced man was that he didn’t exist- but I disagree with this- as it is my contention that the biggest lie the devil told man was that GOD and Heaven didn’t exist, or at least didn’t care.

Luciferians have deluded themselves in believing that the power that they have found within themselves makes THEM gods- and that power is THEIRS. And of COURSE they aren’t going to come clean and tell you the truth as they are NOT about to share with you their “secret” knowledge and give away their advantage. I mean, what POSSIBLE advantage would there be in doing such a thing?

And at the foundation of their beliefs is an overwhelming need to act completely opposite of that commanded by Heaven and to focus their intent into making a hell here on Earth in tribute to who THEY worship. Hiding in the open is also key- as the word evil is just simply live spelled backwards. Right in front of your faces- and yet many just have yet to catch on.

For me- learning about magic- which is basically manipulating energy by focusing your intent-with their torture training and rituals to commune with demons and being forced to torture and murder children while I was under the age of 10- as horrific as it was- was not the worst of it for me. The worst of it was that I was forced to pretend and act as if I ENJOYED it. THAT is where my guilt has lain throughout all of this.

What they were trying to accomplish is making me into a psychotic, power driven, and most evil of individual who had not only disregard for others and life in general- but was driven to amplify other’s pain and suffering at every opportunity. However- lies do not become truth- and although I had to pretend to be otherwise- my very nature fought against what was occurring in my life- and it wasn’t their lies that dominated my thought and emotions but my horror and rage with their sick and violent inclinations and desires which compelled me to stand in opposition to them the first and every chance I got.

However- they DID succeed in a way in making me a psychopath as it is true- I have ALWAYS wanted to hurt a group of people- in the darkest and vilest of ways- but it was THEY and NOT the innocents that I wanted to decimate. And because of what I witnessed and experienced- I wanted to hurt them in ways that this side- this realm- this reality- could NEVER offer.

A comfy jail cell with three meals a day was not an acceptable punishment as I wanted them to experience every tear- every moment of anguish- for ALL that they so willingly and eagerly hurt with their activities- and I wanted them all to experience this in the TOTALITY of their GROUP- so that each one of them got to experience personally the FIRST tear up to the VERY LAST tear of every man, woman, and child that their most evil of ways caused anguish.

So I used what I was trained to do as a child- that gave me the CONCEPTS of how to focus my intent in order to manipulate the energy I was taught to influence- which WAS the darkness- but on my path I realized that I had not been robbed of making my OWN choice and it was FREE WILL- a gift given to us directly by Heaven- which, in turn, enabled me to forge my own path.

I know that Heaven that is within us all- as well as being all around us-and so I fully formed my intention and then gave it to Heaven so that it could help me manifest my intent. I always say- “in everything you do- you should always leave a space for Heaven to work”. And my intention was simple- to bring them down and make them face the consequences of their disobedience.

And I can see that it has worked. In fact- I believe they are about to get so much justice that they won’t know how to handle it for the first few millennia or so. And it was their very training that allowed me to manifest my intent and do what I was able to do spiritually.

Taught to keep my intention simple and direct- this is what I asked for. For the faithful and the obedient to be completely safe and joyful- and those who worship the dark to get exactly what they wanted and deserve so strongly- complete and utter separation from God, where they are able to play out any and every sick ass desire that lies within their dark little hearts.

However- in complete and abject darkness- which IS the complete opposite of our Father and the thing they aspired for the MOST- there is only one thing you can do- and that is sleep. And there is the rub. See- I didn’t want anyone to be hurt anymore- so what is going to happen is that after this group finds itself in the darkness and they go to sleep- it will be a sleep that they won’t awake from. And it will be in the nightmares that lie within this sleep that they each will do to THEMSELVES what they have been so compelled to do to others within their lifetimes.

And they will have exactly what they demanded- they will have complete dominion over their own individual realms which will be the hell they so desired and they will be able to do every nasty vile thing that lies within their hearts at will. But they will be doing it to THEMSELVES- in their own NIGHTMARES. And since you can’t fall asleep within a dream- it will be non-stop and everlasting.

And the faithful and obedient will find themselves safe- in a world where there is no separation from Heaven- no death, no pain, no suffering, and no evil- and where they will breath joy in with every breath.

However- I should explain that nothing is set in stone for anyone at this moment. If you still breathe air and your heart still beats- you have a chance to escape this fate that the darkness promises, even if you have done nothing BUT work to get yourself there. And the answer as to how is ALSO simple.

Repent and turn towards the TRUE path- which is the WORD- and of course that word is LOVE. Reveal your secrets and let go of the judgements you have- not only for others but those you have for yourself and embrace Grace and forgiveness- and go love as much as you can.

Speaking out loud your secrets and misgivings releases you from the demons that hold you too your sins. These demons that are of your own making and bind you to the dark energy that embraces your sins- and the phrase “the truth shall set you free” is just as true today as when these words were first spoken.

Make loving your SOLE intent- in everything you do- everything you say- and in everything you think and feel. Dedicate your being to being obedient to the Word- which again- is LOVE, and constantly seek the guidance of Heaven- which is INSIDE YOU AND ALL AROUND YOU. Do this and you will be safe in the end.

Don’t do it- and you will be claimed by darkness, anguish, and despair. The choice- as always- is ours- but the time for all of us to commit is now at hand- so I would hope we would all choose wisely.

Intent is key- as it is what produces the fruit of our labor and, in the end; we will receive that which we have given. Whatever you may want or want not to believe- we ARE going to be held accountable for the love that is, or is NOT, within our hearts.

And this is going to happen sooner than any of us should be comfortable with, I assure you- so the choice determining our fate is not only up to us, but the time to choose a side is NOW. However- in lieu of the usual “lesser of two evils”- our choice is essentially choosing between Heaven or the darkness- and the fact that our very souls is at stake- it obviously is not a choice to be made lightly.

So choose wisely.

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