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Fiona Barnett and Her Complaint of Murder Attempts Against Her and More

Cuba ‘incidents’ caused brain injury, nerve damage to diplomats: CBS News Proof These Directed Energy Weapons Exist This 1 Disturbing Sign Means Someone Was a Victim of Child Abuse @46:31 Doug Mesnar basically, well literally says that a father putting his private in a baby’s mouth INSTEAD of its feeding bottle is NOT […]

Fiona Barnett’s Complaint to Alaskan Authorities After Several Murder Attempts Where Made on Her When She Came to Speak in America

And OF COURSE- what have the police done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They are ALLOWING survivors to be picked off while they sit back and squash any investigations into what the horribly abused victim’s are telling them. THEY- like the pedophile protection squad- led by Doug Mesner- are PROTECTING AND SERVING child rapists and killers- and THEN […]