Everything is Conspiring to Bring an End to Life as We Know It

Everything is changing- we are obviously in unprecedented days. Nothing is able to be hidden anymore- and the more some try, the harder they are failing. Life has changed.

There are those who worshiped dark forces- who still try; but the power they once elicited is now fading. They had control but now no longer.

Sure- they can kill and maim with their weapons, but they have become so out of control that they are no longer in possession of the hold they once had in society.

All of their darkness is coming out into the light-consuming their words, their deeds- even their physical appearance. And there is nothing they can do about it.

But life is not changing just for them. We are all facing bad times.

The sun is becoming dormant as Yellowstone, our infamous super volcano is becoming more active. The radiation from Fukushima is transcending the Pacific and is now starting to infest the oceans worldwide. The Great Barrier Reef is dead, and summers have become hotter and winters more cold- mixed with flooding and fires and destructive tornadoes and storms the likes of which we have never seen.

Everything has begun to transpire to elicit our destruction and nothing has presented itself as our saving grace. It is as if there is no hope for our survival.

Personally I believe we are at the Ascention. The wheat is being separated from the chaff- and though no one wants to believe they are forsaken, I believe many are in for a surprise.

We have heard of impending sorrows and a great gnashing of teeth, but for some unknown reason we all believe it is for the “other guy” and certainly not for us personally.

Perhaps that is why we are in the world in which we are- because we are okay with evil as long as it doesn’t come to our front door.

But it IS at our front door- the handle has been turned, and it is about to enter into all of our lives.

I grew up with evil- with the expectation I would stand for evil. Rituals were done and souls were pledged to me. Some will dismiss this and others will laugh- but many of those are individuals who pledged their souls to the Darkness and now that it is upon us they will do what they always have and will try to escape their own accountability.

But what is done is done and can not be amended. Their lies aren’t for others but for themselves. They gambled and lost and now desperately seek to change the rules of the game as a result.

But nothing they do will save them from the consequences of their choices, certainly not their denial.

Life is about to drastically change for all of us, and in the end the deciding factor will be on which side of the mirror you stand.

The Darkness is here. And it is about ready to claim what is rightfully It’s to claim.

And for me- this can’t happen soon enough. Because it is time. PAST time in my opinion.

And in the End- all things will be set to rights. Amen…

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