A New Chapter I Just Wrote for An Upcoming Book…

My name is David Shurter and I am a survivor of BOTH cult abuse AND the MKUltra experiments that often went along with this type of abuse. I grew up in Omaha- and am author of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story in which I detail my experiences with the abuse of children that was occurring in the 80’s which is well known as Franklin Credit Union, (although I have been outspoken that the TRUTH has yet to be presented in this situation and that, up until now, it has been nothing more than a CIA cover-up). I also have a blog DavidShurter.com where you can find myriads of posts about me and my family’s involvement with devil worship and child trafficking.

I could spend this opportunity horrifying and entertaining you about how, under and up to the age of 10- I was forced to murder young boys and then “have sex” with their dead bodies, or torturing them to the point where their screams and cries just blended into one crescendo of pain- at which point they were slaughtered, or perhaps you would like to hear about how after I was forced to drink these murdered boys blood (who were ALL pre-pubescent, by the way)- along with everyone else there- I was always gang raped, but I don’t really see the point. Stories of me being buried alive with a corpse- or having to lay on a grave and listen to see if I could hear the little boy they had just buried scream after I watched him be buried alive only serve to feed this sick need for entertainment and I am not some carnival freak here for someone’s entertainment.

If I sound angry- that is probably because I am. I have ALWAYS known about this mess- as I was born into it. And all I have seen is injustice on top of injustice, and more than that- and WAY worse- is that I have seen people intentionally look away because it makes them uncomfortable. And it should. It is an very uncomfortable situation. But how uncomfortable do you think the children are who are being gang raped night after night? And I can’t help but wonder why no one seems to care about them.

The 80’s wasn’t just about Franklin. Child abuse claims came out all over the nation- but the focus all came out about ONE CASE- McMartin- the longest and most costly court trial in American history with not ONE conviction where the tunnels the children spoke about being abused in weren’t found until AFTER.

And it wasn’t just in the United States- as it was happening in the UK and Australia at the VERY SAME TIME with the VERY SAME allegations at a time when there was NO INTERNET.

Society was lead to believe that it was a “mass hysteria” because some people had read books like Sybil and Michelle Remembers- which I guess somehow permeated into the wind and started infecting different factions of people- who had no contact with each other- with this idea that their children were being raped and abused in their daycares by people who were connected to our own government. And this was SO pervasive that it was a global phenomenon.

The effect of this was that therapists, child protective services, and law enforcement became “mind controlled” and became “overzealous” with their investigations concerning children being raped and abused in horrible ways on a mass level, and thus they were BAD, BAD, BAD- and if you have any questions- just watch the HBO movie on McMartin.

So, as a result- we were given the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- a CIA based group of rich, white parents who had all been accused of these SAME ALLEGATIONS- who used the key phrases “satanic panic” and “false memories” to convince everyone that the THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people who were complaining of children being raped globaly were delusional or lying.

All because some people read a couple of books.

Now- now we have Jeffery Epstein’s pedophile island where BOTH Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are HIGHLY implicated, Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile High Children’s charity were he was reportedly selling children to rich men- (or do you REALLY believe that Jerry Sandusky is behind Ray Gricar’s disappearance?), as well as that “rent boy ranch” that Scalia was murdered at that has all of the devil statues and pics and masks, and those are the ones WE KNOW ABOUT. And STILL, according to the statistics that the Center for Missing and Exploited Children report- ONE CHILD is DISAPPEARING EVERYONE 27 SECONDS. And THOSE are just the ones we know about- and that is JUST in the United States and NOT globally.

And what do the people do? Well, from what I can see- you are just going on about your lives while they are teaching your kindergarteners how to masturbate, your fourth graders all about the joys of having anal sex, and sixth graders about the nuances on how to use a strap on dildo. While all of you sit by- either completely clueless or totally uncaring.

I had the experience to be a young man when Franklin hit- and so I have a different perspective on all of this than most. And this is what I will tell you about my personal experience as a victim who has been caught up in all of this since birth.

I watched people- who I was ALWAYS told would never help me- turn away from children being raped, murdered, hunted like animals, and slaughtered in ways that can only be described as completely soul killing. Repeatedly I have seen society DO the VERY THING I was always told that they would do.

And those who HAVE tried to help- for the most part- have either been incarcerated, drugged, and told they were crazy- or they were destroyed financially, professionally, or personally if not flat out murdered. And never a word is said.

For THIRTY YEARS I have watched NOTHING but people dismissing and discrediting the slaughter of children with claims that we are liars, or delusional, or seeking attention- all based on a hysteria that was caused over a couple of books that I guess were completely debunked by a group who were accused of being horrific pedophiles.

It has been NOTHING BUT soul crushing. So many innocents lost and not a person who would help them in sight.

So go ahead- read this book- and educate yourself to the reality of this. But NOTHING you read here will help you understand what it has really been like. To truly understand- you need to experience going to sleep and hearing the constant screaming of children- and what it is like to fight not only the darkness in the world but that within yourself while being companioned by the very person you hate the most- yourself. Until you experience the true balance of conflict and despair- you will never understand my world and what I went through. And I am one of the lucky ones.

Most men completely self-destruct by their early twenties- either dead by suicide or locked up in prison. All of us- no matter what sex we may be- who survive and come away from this have so many secret scars that we not only keep from others- but worst of all from ourselves. As a result- we often find ourselves in loveless relationships with joyless lives that we blame ourselves for, and it becomes a never ending self-enforcing cycle.

And many of us never realize that it was NEVER our fault- and that what happened was NEVER because of us as NONE OF IT was ANYTHING ANY OF US would have EVER CHOSEN had we actually been given a choice – but rather- the ENTIRE RESPONSIBILITY for absolutely ALL OF IT lies on the necks of those sick ass fucks who lived some sort of sick fuck delusion that they blamed us and everyone BUT themselves for.

I would like to say– with pizzagate and everything we know now about the truth of all of this mess, despite the lies that were intentionally planted into this case- that this time will be different. That society will actually get involved and do something to stop this- and help save the children. But then I guess that depends on all of you.

Just reading a book isn’t going to cut it- and it won’t save ONE CHILD from getting a dick up their ass- so you are going to have to get involved if this is going to change. Knowing about all of this is great- but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans unless you are willing to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT.

How I have no idea. In the 50 yrs that this mess has been my life- I have had to just feel around in the dark. But I will say- actually, in doing so, I have found that there is no better way to find yourself OUT of the darkness- so I suggest you all do the same- and you start NOW.

Yes- it is ugly. Yes- it is painful. Yes it is scary. And YES- it is worse than anything any of you can imagine. But it is REAL- and it needs to be STOPPED. And it is going to take all of US to stop it.

And, after all is said and done, our children deserve this much, don’t you think?

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