A Post I Wrote On Facebook That I Believe Is Important To Share

Okay- so reading this astrological stuff that I was sent- the word that sticks out to me is assassination. And I want to deal with this.

Yes- it is quite possible- considering the state of things in the world- and how many people have ended up dead around the Clinton’s- that I could end up killed. I have ALWAYS known of this possibility- and the further I get- the more I am wondering if it isn’t totally probable. They know who I am- they know they are all sick- and they know that I have caused it. In the end- considering how low end of the scale they are- what other choice will they be able to conclude?

However- I want you all to know- no matter what happens- DO NOT LOOSE YOUR FAITH- because EVERYTHING right now is in Heaven’s hands. And what I know- with everything that I have experienced- is that whatever is coming- AND I ASSURE YOU SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY COMING- that I have been told that I get to lead it. Now these idiots who have followed me around for years trying desperately in vain to stop me mock this- but I am not shitting any of you. Believe it- or don’t- it won’t change the truth of what is and what will be. I’m telling you the truth- and how it is- but whatever you believe is up to you.

Magic is real. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed- but it CAN be influenced- with the right focus. I was trained in this focus from before I was even born- and because this was my childhood upbringing- what I do is instinctual. My father used to tell me that I was “an animal- who only went on instinct”- and although it hurt like hell hearing that constantly growing up- I realize in many ways that this is true. When you know how to do it properly- you don’t need RITUALS and SPELLS and SACRIFICES. Actually- all I have to do is focus and ask.

You have to understand- I grew up COMPLETELY BELIEVING that I was going to be the Anti-Christ. I knew there was this war with Heaven planned- and I knew that Charley Manson’s world vision was going to become a reality- and I knew of the camps- and the genocide planned. I was SUPPOSED TO FUCKING LEAD IT.

But not me actually. I was just a shell. But they NEVER REALIZED that I would find a way to release Uriel- and help him back to Heaven- rather than allow him to take me over and use the talents they so aptly trained me to possess.

I not only helped Uriel but ALL the Fallen back- and thus- they had to pass through me to get there. The cult has a good idea of the power and energy that goes along with that- and that is why they have YET to come for me. That kind of energy bonding and transitioning gave ALL MY SPELLS- that I have been casting on your nasty devil worshiping sick fuck assholes selves for long ass time now. (And that is meant for the cult), a life I could have never achieved on my on. Enjoy the darkness motherfuckers- cause it is going to be one HELL of a time.

But I am getting off point here…. look- I don’t much believe in astrology- but knowing the idiots that I am dealing with- I can’t out rule the obvious- and I just want to assure you that Heaven and the New Earth ARE REAL. Getting your vibration up high enough can only be done through unconditional love- and that is what it takes to make this transition. The New Earth- everything that is dying here is WAKING there. It is an absolute paradise- where no veil between man and Heaven exist. You will breath JOY in every breath and it is a PARADISE. I guess you could say that we are getting to return to the Garden.


But don’t worry about me- really. I am here for as long as Heaven WILLS it- and I know that the moment that time is through- I have an army waiting- on the other side- IN FACT ALL OF HEAVEN. Just because the bad guys have already lost doesn’t mean the battle is over but now however- I do believe the ball is in HEAVEN’S COURT- and I have a feeling those mighty among us are FINALLY GOING TO BE BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES in awe with it’s response.

And who better to lead that than he who KNOWS THEM BEST.


Funny- isn’t it- how I came- as a thief in the night- and took away the VERY THING that gave you power? I know you all will get this- cause I know you are all watching me VERY close- and it is fun- cause now I know I have your COMPLETE ATTENTION. As long as I am here- you have a chance. You have time to actually REPENT. But the clock is ticking my friends- because even if I live to a ripe old age- that is what- 20 more years if I am lucky- THAT isn’t enough time for you to do so. So go ahead- come for me. Seal the deal you already sealed YEARS AGO. But the minute I take my last breath- the FUN BEGINS. So you keep that in mind- whatever you chose. You have no idea the consequences you are facing for doing what you have done. No idea at all.

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