Regarding the Internet Site “Hoaxtead”

It seems that there is a WordPress blog out there called Hoaxtead that has basically been set up to trash the mother of the Hampstead children Ella-and her partner Abe. I finally looked at the site tonight and I want to give my impressions of everything I have read.

First off- it doesn’t deal with any of the facts concerning the two children who came forward claiming that their father and his friends were satanically ritually abusing them but is rather completely focused on the character assassination of Ella and her partner Abe. They insult, criticize, and entertain themselves with pathetic quips- but it doesn’t deal with ANY of the facts of the case. Basically designed just to insult the sexually and satanically abused children’s mother- it seems to me that all they want to do is trash the mother in hopes that anyone who reads the blog will just figure the mother is lying. Of course- anyone who has seen the children’s videos are aware that there is no way anyone could have coached them into saying what they are saying- as they are dealing so fluently with things that they couldn’t possibly understand at their young age without experiencing what they say they have- but hey- I guess these people think if they say enough nasty quips that people will be so entertained with what they are saying that they will just go along with ignoring the children and their serious allegations.

Also- the comments are all made by the same people- so it makes me think that there are about 10 people reading this blog who are into some sort of circle jerk with each other. Much like the members of the pedophile protection squad that I have dealt with in the US they basically use the same tactical playbook as the group I dealt with did, believing that barely witty comments of character assassination will be enough to get people to look the other way. It isn’t, and it won’t- but you obviously can’t tell this group that- who seem hell bent on trying to impress each other with their…wit? I wouldn’t call it that- but I am sure this is what they believe. To me- none of it seemed witty and actually comes off as really sad. The arrogance of this group is nauseating, and if I came away with anything- it is that these people seem INCREDIBLY self-impressed. Of course- it is pretty obvious they are the only ones who are.

They go on and on about how bad Ella and Abe’s site is- and what a joke it is- but judging by their posts- they exert an inordinate effort to constantly get it taken down- which they brag to each other about. If it was so bad- and so full of lies- why not let it stand and deal with it point by point- instead of constantly trying to keep people from reading it? Again, they don’t deal with the facts of the case but rather are totally focused on character assassination. They call Ella and Abe liars, but they don’t point out what part of their case are lies but rather just expect any reader to just assume there is no validity to the case JUST BECAUSE they are calling them liars, all the while desperately working at making sure none of their case can be read because they are calling the site that hosts the blog to complain about it so that it constantly gets taken down. They think they are really something- and I agree, they ARE something- but just WHAT is not yet determined.

If there was no validity to the case- and was so full of lies and misinformation, why not just leave it up and deal with what is being said rather than just relying on character assassination and flagrantly censoring it to prevent people from reading it? And this whole- Ella and Abe are attention seekers who are looking for… I am not even sure what. And neither are the people behind the site. They never give a valid or understandable reason why Ella would have gone to the police over her children’s allegations. They just talk shit- say little, and entertain themselves while they are doing it. Again- it would be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly pathetic.

Lastly- they are convinced that the allegations that the children made about being gang raped and forced to kill other children are dying down although just the opposite is happening in my opinion. The world is starting to focus on it more and more. The videos of the children got 1.5 million views on YouTube before this SAME GROUP got YouTube to remove the videos. People ARE interested. They ARE concerned. And this case definitely IS NOT going away. In fact it is just starting to gain momentum. And just because 10 or so idiots have created a WordPress site solely based on character assassination of the victims is NOT going to change that. People are WAY more wise now a days- despite what a bunch of anonymous nitwits are claiming. That is another thing- they have so much to say- but just like the pedophile protection squad that I have dealt with- they all do so anonymously, not having the balls to stand by their convictions. My little group of pedophile protectors claim no one needs to know who they are- but listening to them and giving them credence is just like walking up to a stranger on the street and taking what they had to say about your life and what you are doing with it as gospel. For God sakes- if you have so much to say- let people KNOW who you are. Stand by your convictions. Otherwise you are just some troll on the internet with an uneducated opinion and a nasty disposition.

Laughing about victims of horrific abuse is despicable. That is probably why they always do it anonymously. But reading one comes away with the distinct impression that despite what this group believes themselves to be- the fact that they are pathetic and despicable is pretty obvious to everyone reading their crap. Certainly NOT the kind of people I would get my information from. Not RELIABLE information anyway They are a joke- until you realize that they are doing their best to keep a couple of children who are getting gang raped and horribly abused from being heard and listened too. When you consider that- they aren’t funny at all- but rather are the very types of people you should keep far from your children. Protecting pedophiles isn’t okay- and doing so makes you out to pretty much be a monster, as bad as the pedophiles themselves. In other words- they- and everything they stand for- is disgusting beyond words. All 10 of them.

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