A Warning to All Who Love and Promote the Darkness

lol- there are some bad people on my Facebook so this message is for you. You can play all the games you want- gossip all you can- talk crap and play games- but NOTHING will change what is coming for you. You either come clean- or you will be claimed by the darkness. Your little group has worshiped the darkness for centuries now- and desperately have separated yourselves from God- and so that is what you are about to be blessed with. You can laugh- blow me off- do whatever you need to do in order to make yourselves feel powerful- but I assure you that what I am telling you is TRUE- it is REAL- and it ISN’T UP FOR PUBLIC DEBATE. Convince whoever you want whatever you want- it won’t stop the darkness from coming to claim you. Trying to convince people that I am whatever WON’T change the fact of what I was taught as a child- and it DOESN’T negate the fact that I am very good at it. You can play all the games you want- but it won’t change the fact of what is. The darkness is about ready to claim all of you- and you are all about to take the place of the entities you have used for so long. For just as long. There is no escape. Tell yourselves whatever you want- but you might as well put a bag over your head and tell yourselves that you don’t breathe oxygen. There are CONSEQUENCES to your behavior- there are CONSEQUENCES for promoting the darkness- and all of you are about to see how bad that can be. Come clean or be claimed. PERIOD. Otherwise- you will be shown the same mercy you have shown all others. Search your hearts- you know what I am saying is true. I am not about love- I am about WRATH- and I am using the very things I was taught as a child to enact that WRATH. You wanted the dark- you wanted separation from God- so that is what you are going to get. In spades. So you do want you want- but you all are quickly running out of time- and when that happens- there will be NO escape. You wanted a war with Heaven- now you are going to have it. The fallen angels- who had WAY MORE power than all of you put together- failed miserably and suffered greatly- but since you are all convinced you are greater- take your shot. Go for it. In the end- you will only have yourselves to blame when you are claimed. And I assure you- all of your pain will be nothing but my sincere pleasure.

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