More Cover Ups that the PP Squad Insist Don’t Happen.

The PP Squad says that the UK is NOT having issues with officials protecting pedophiles. These articles- from the BBC, say otherwise…

All current, reported by the BBC, that show that pedophiles are often protected. Of course- the UK is across “the pond” as Gordon puts it- and so it exists in another universe apparently. But seems that there are issues protecting pedophiles- not to mention people like Jimmy Saville. I am sure this is going to spur an argument- but I don’t work or write for the BBC and have nothing to do with what they report.

Cyril Smith child abuse probe: Police officer threatened

Cyril Smith M1 arrest to be probed by Northamptonshire Police

Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry ‘scrapped after his arrest’

Cyril Smith: Detective claims three probes were stopped

Cyril Smith: MP’s friend made ‘veiled threats’ to police

Profile: Cyril Smith

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