New Book Review on Michael Aquino’s New Book “Extreme Prejudice”

extreme prejudice

Satanists- like Aquino as Founder of the Satanic sect Temple of Set – RARELY hold the truth with Much Regard…
By LoessJedi on July 28, 2014
Format: Paperback

It is interesting that Michael Aquino says that he is putting the police documentation into Extreme Prejudice, basically because it is a well known fact that almost all of the paperwork was ordered to be destroyed by our own government as a matter of national security- and so of course the only things left would be that that favored the Satanist Aquino- whose is the FOUNDER of Temple of Set- a group of people who look forward to the up and coming antichrist.

This book is nothing more than a continuation of a paper he wrote previously entitled “From Psychop to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory” where he is manipulating the facts of the situation in order to “prove” his innocence. It is true that Geraldo hosted a show where he was going to air a family of satanists-but, like what happened when he broke into Al Capone’s secret vault two years previously- the show was a flop due to no one showing up. What is much more telling is his appearance on Oprah- his LAST known public appearance- when 800 people called in afterwards claiming that Aquino had abused them. It is also notable that Aquino marauded around on tv in a Merlin type outfit and heralded his satanic background during this period more than once- often along with ex FBI man Ted Gunderson.

“Satanic Panic” was a title deemed by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation which was formed in 92 to deal with the abuse issues that were coming forward- not just from McMartin and the Presidio but from daycares all over the nation that were claiming that children were coming home with STD’s and had been trafficked to be sexually abused. Interesting that much of the early funding- supporting the FMSF founders such as Ralph Underwager- who was interviewed by Padika magazine claiming that sex between children and adults was no big deal- got much of their early funding from the North American Man Boy Love Association.

As far as Michael Aquino- his prestigious career also includes involvement with the mind control component of our nations MKUltra experiences and is reportedly involved with child disappearances such as Johnny Gosch and Kevin Collins. This man- as the head honcho Satanist in America- has a tendency to gloss over these facts- only presenting himself as an innocent man involved in a witch hunt.

I am happy that he has brought himself once again to the forefront- as these allegations are serious and MUST be looked at- and now that he has come forward- perhaps now is the time for that to happen.

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