A Word on My Family Regarding My Father and Step Mother’s Past

It has been leveled against me that my half sister Christina is telling people that I am crazy and a liar- and that what I have said about our father and her mother isn’t true. The thing is- being 9 1/2 years younger than myself- and the fact that she was only 9 when I left my father’s house- it goes without saying that she doesn’t have a clue as to what was happening.

In my family- my oldest sister Cindy, my older brother Stephen, my sister Kathy and myself have been deemed crazy- all because we have said the same things about my father and his past. Those who say that this is not true either weren’t born yet- or were involved- such as my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter. Of course you have the pedophile protection squad who will go on and on about how it isn’t true- but then- they are both too young to know about events in Omaha and have ulterior motives for stating that satanism and it’s practice don’t exist. Regardless- none were there and they don’t have a clue.

You only have to check out my book on Amazon to see there is a concerted effort to keep people from reading and believing what I have stated happened in Omaha back in the 80s. I have been attacked and criticized in every way possible to get people to disregard me. For those who don’t want to check out my book- check out 22 Faces and the THOUSANDS of attacks on not only me but anyone who would stand up and argue the validity of satanism.

The side who would defend this crap has been in place for decades now. They came forth in the 80s on the talk shows to promote and defend their positions- and now they are doing the same thing once again as we have cases such as Jimmy Saville coming out. Of course- considering that there is no investigations into who the man was connected with- it could easily be said that it is all being swept under the carpet once again. There are groups of people in league with each other who would do their best to dismiss victims of satanic ritual abuse and mind control- which do go hand in hand with each other- despite what Gordon on Amazon has to say about it. MKUltra and Satanic ritual abuse are part of the same problem- as are child abductions and trafficking. All of these exist and they all have extreme connections with each other.

Despite what is said about me- or the allegations that are thrown my way- these are facts and they stand by themselves. I am not the figurehead for any of this- and trashing me will not dismiss these deplorable practices. Flat out. I have never nor will I ever walk on water- I am trying to find my way in this world just like everyone else. But what I have stated in my book is true, and are my personal experiences with this evil. And I am but one of thousands, perhaps more- who claim the same sort of things happened to them. Regardless how uncomfortable it might make a person- these are facts of life and those who claim otherwise either have ulterior motives and are lying or just uneducated and completely wrong.

Usually it is the first one.

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