People Who Support the False Memory Foundation are Not Worth My Time and Effort

I just want to say that those who discredit people’s personal abuse are not worth my time and effort. Arbitrarily discrediting a person’s personal past of being raped and abused and doing their best to discredit and dismiss what a victim says they are went through by generalizing them as liars are not, in my estimation, good people. Esp. when they have no idea of the specifics of that person’s past. Elizabeth Loftus- a main supporter of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- is a main example of what I am speaking about.

If you choose to side with the abuser- and discredit the survivor of abuse- then you aren’t worth a hill of beans as far as I am concerned. I get criticized from the PP Squad that this does not bode well in society- and that I present myself as someone who is unyielding- but if you don’t know the specifics of a person’s past- and who they are as a person- and are willing to call them a liar when they come forward saying that they were abused- then you are just speaking out of opinion- and you know what they say about those. Everyone has one and they generally stink.

I have been attacked- vilified- even called a perp in my crusade to expose what has happened- and all of this is from people who have never met me nor know much about what I went through. They are jumping to the side of people who have been vilifying survivors for decades now- for whatever reason- and I can’t concern myself with those who do this in order to make themselves feel better. I neither have the patience for such ignorance- nor the tolerance. If I seem irritable- considering that I have gone through what I have and been stalked by my family for coming forward- I think that it is normal and to be expected. I AM frustrated that my past seems to be at the mercy of those who have no idea what I went through- and join the ranks of people who have spent decades protecting abusers by claiming that the victim’s and their experiences are due to false memories and being guided by evil therapists. I am sick to death of people who are desperate to live in some sort of mind driven utopia who think that abuse only happens when it is socially approved. No one was with me during my rapes, beatings, and such- and so therefore I don’t feel as if I need their approval to express what happened to me.

I am human- as we all are. And my emotional reactions to things are mine to deal with. If you are looking for someone to lie to you and tell you that my abuse didn’t happen- then look elsewhere. It is not my responsibility to make complete strangers comfortable- and if you are looking for those to make you feel better about the world around you with lies- then I suggest you join ranks with the False Memory Foundation- many who are outspoken with the comfort concerning satanism- like Lucian Greaves- or pedophilia- like many of the False Memory foundation advocates- whose institution was built by people like Ralph Underwager- who detailed in a Padika interview how having sex with children was okay.

I try to live in the real world- and don’t have time for those who think that the world is nice- that governments are just- and that God has sprinkled fairy dust to make us all loving and wonderful. This is not the world that I live in- and if it is your contention that this is true- then this site- and what I am trying to do in exposing this mess- is definitely not for you.

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