FFCHS- A Disinformation Group: A New Article on the Group that Perps Targets


Derrick Robertson doesn’t like me- and is involved in the Targeted Individual community. He has a huge following in the targeted individual community- and has a call on Talkshoe on Saturday nights. This article speaks the truth about Derrick and his organization.

The government is targeting people- and Derrick is a key member of the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. They gather info on targets and keeps them busy with bogus lawsuits to make sure they don’t get anywhere, and this man and this group is NOT to be trusted. This article says it correctly- Derrick is a wolf in sheep’s clothing- and puts crazy people on the show in order to make targeted individuals look crazy when the simple truth is that our government is stalking and harassing anyone who speaks out against what our government is up too.

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