Investigation busts online sex abuse ring targeting children in Philippines

The problem that I have with this story is that in the details- it says that 733 suspects WORLDWIDE have been arrested since they started busting online pedophile groups, and yet trafficking and sex exploration of child is a PANDEMIC. Always wanted to be commended for the job they do- I just can’t herald these attempts when considering the number of children being abused- worldwide as well as in the US.

The NSA and Obama got in trouble for eavesdropping on the American people- just as Rupert Murdoch eavesdropped on the UK- so you would think that they could use this information to deter crime- but instead they are just using the info to target normal individuals. This tells me that the MONEY that is behind all of this must be vast- and that the real men behind most of this pandemic are POWERFUL- since no one seems to be focusing on the core of this problem. Reports such as this on CNN are meant to appease people and make them think that something is being done when in actuality- very little is being done to curb the overall problem.

Again- I think that much of this problem stems from our institutions of higher learning and with their connections to non profit child organizations- like the one that Jerry Sandusky set up. I believe this is what Ray Gricar discovered when he was investigating Penn State- and what Aaron Swartz discovered when he downloaded the files that were connected to MIT. I KNOW that Boystown- THE Catholic boys institution, was involved with what was happening in Omaha up until the late 80s, early 90s= so to say that there isn’t a history of this activity is just plain wrong. However- NO ONE is looking into these connections- and we STILL have a pandemic of child sexual exploitation the likes of which the world has never experienced before.

I think the strongest factor in all of this is that the general public DOESN’T CARE IN THE LEAST. Acting outraged at first- our society quickly becomes disinterested when given time- and this is why none of this has been effectively dealt with. Getting stories such as the one above from CNN- we are accustomed to become complacent- believing that something is being done- when in fact precious little has been done to deter this problem in any real way. This, in my opinion- needs to desperately change if any real work is to be done on this situation. If the NSA can listen to so many average people’s phone calls and such-then they can POLICE THE WEB- and do a better job than what is being done to protect and serve our children- WHICH IS WHAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO!!

They are, after all, public servants- as it is OUR tax dollars that pay their salaries. We, as a society- must always keep this in mind, which ends my rant for this morning.

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