Going Forward Into the Future- Some Advice for Survivors

After all the personal turmoil that I have gone through this past two months, I have started to settle down and get my life back in order. In doing so- I have gotten a doctor’s order for a service dog- and let me tell you- this has made all the difference in the world.

Life is sometimes difficult- and facing the world alone is often an overwhelming prospect for many of us who have suffered such severe abuse- but let me say there is nothing like having an animal- esp. a dog, to accompany you through the bad times. They say that dogs are man’s best friend- but they are more than that- they are a lifesaver.

Because of what we have experienced in our past, there are many of us who are distrusting of medical professionals- but my take is that you take what is good and leave the rest- and in this case- I can’t thank my doctor enough for suggesting a service dog.

I will be in training now for several years to become certified in raising and training service dogs- working with a group that will provide the animals to service men and women who return from war with PTSD. It doesn’t make much money- but the love and karma that is developed through the exchange is invaluable, and I am looking forward to the future in a way that I haven’t for a long time. When we are at our lowest, my suggestion is to reach out and help others to raise yourself out of the pits- as there is nothing like helping your fellow man to make you feel better about yourself. This is my focus now.

As I have said before- the investigative part of my advocacy work is over. It is just too dark, and I think that those who are involved will get theirs eventually- as God’s will can not be thwarted, so it is not my responsibility to help with it. On my YouTube station- (DavidShurter1), I had someone leave a message that child abuse is bad enough without mixing it up with other things- but it has been my personal experience that those things are a REALITY for many more than what is suspected- and that educating people to the facts is necessary to enact a change- but there comes a time when we, as individuals, need to stop banging out heads against the wall. My time to stop has come, and though I won’t stop trying to educate the public- my main focus MUST change in order to promote some happiness in my life- as the fact remains that I have not been truly happy for quite some time. However, in just a week- the puppy that I have chosen to train as a service dog has already helped with me. This has been quite an eye opener.

So I will continue to talk about the things that are happening in America and around the world, but again my main focus is helping my fellow man on a much more personal level, and it will be those trials and tribulations that I will intermix with the my posts here on DavidShurter.com. The key thing for survivor’s to remember is that we are ALL WORTHY OF HAPPINESS, and what we think and feel counts just as much as what others think and feel. We are strong- as we have suffered through and survived things that others have NOT- and as such- I believe that God loves each and everyone of us and that we ALL deserve to be happy. For those of you who are struggling- find something to love- which will love you back. I did- and it is the best decision that I have made in a long time!!

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