New Post to Critthink (Doug Mesner) on Amazon- Much More to Come….

Oh Critty- you shouldn’t be upset that I spoke to Jenny- but in doing so I know what the game is all about. Jenny wanted to meet me- I blew it off. I learned what I needed to learn. Your group has reached out and done A LOT with that woman and her family- and you are just upset that we reached out and spoke to her as well. Funny- she wants to talk at the conference we are hosting in Seattle- although I don’t think that is gonna happen. Jenny called me as well- and DIRECTLY asked for my number- so I am not sure what the big deal is. Trying to make Felicity into this big problem is not going to work. Felicity does not give out personal info- unless she is TOLD she can. She made a call- got an okay- and gave me the info. What is the big deal?

You are a hot mess Critty- and I personally DO NOT BELIEVE YOU ARE A WOMAN- no matter what you say. You lie constantly- and so why we would believe anything from you is a joke.

I like the fact that you avoid mentioning my name – like Harry Potter and Valdemort. Doesn’t make me any less of an individual- and I have a GROUP of people looking into you and your Process Church cult. Interesting stuff. Parfrey is a character- that is for sure. And you guys are into a WHOLE LOT MORE than just accessing survivors. Your little group of satanists ARE MUCH MORE INSIDIOUS.

Anyhow- no one is looking to get the rights of someone’s life in here or any other place. But those stories that you are complaining about- isn’t that JUST WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FROM SURVIVORS ON FACEBOOK? Or maybe Amazon is your only venue- although we all know that it isn’t. I am with you though- survivors shouldn’t just tell people like Insomniac things just because “she” expresses interest. It is bad form.

I am getting ready to blog about you Mesner- and your whole Process Cult. You claim satanism doesn’t exist and yet are chin deep in the practice. That is disgusting- and just proves what everyone knew anyway- satanists LIE. CONSTANTLY!! Thanks for being a living example of that.

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