Some Straight Talk About Targeting

There is a strong push right now to totally discredit individuals who are being targeted by our government- claiming that the situations we are finding ourselves in concerning the growing fascism in America is somehow being instrumented by some weird alien invasion or worse, caused by some make believe inter-dimensional beings who reside in some spiritual manner around us, mentally manipulating those who find themselves on either side of this issue. There is also a push to try and say that everyone is mind controlled, and that the people we find ourselves up against are someone under the control of some unknown force that is causing them to act in ways that they wouldn’t if they weren’t being “mind controlled”. It is my opinion that all of this is complete and utter hog wash and these beliefs are being used to dismiss the REAL claims of targets who are being harassed into submission by a government gone rogue.

In all of the training that I experienced as a child- never once do I remember any aliens being involved. Now yes, there could have been cloaked invisible lizard people that I was unaware of- but then the same could be said for fairies, gnomes, and Bigfoot- who were not present during my experiences either. No- rather my abuse was caused by MEN- who made conscious choices mindfully concerning my abuse and the abuse of others. On the same hand- “the devil made me do it” is not an adequate excuse or explanation either. My abuse originates with “boots on the ground” men who were neither alien nor demon possessed but were rather men who made conscious choices- for whatever reason- to act out in incredibly evil manners. The weapons and psychological tactics that are being used against whistle blowers and outspoken members of our society are being leveled at us by MEN- and in order to stop this from happening in the future- these maneuvers must be EXPLORED AND EXPOSED PUBLICLY. This is NOT going to happen by talking about aliens and magical inter-dimensional beings.

People are being driven crazy and are being murdered with this whole program- you only have to look at people such as Michael Hastings, the author who was onto a huge story who was blown up in his car, to realize this- and to spend so much time and resources on, what I consider to be fanciful banter when the stakes are so high- it makes me wonder why such discourse is being promoted by people such as those involved with a man named Derrick and his Saturday evening calls on Talkshoe under the name FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance). Having listened to this call that attracts over a hundred people a weekend, I am disheartened when I consider that there are people like Aaron Alexis- who, although I in NO WAY CONDONE what he did- can’t escape the fact that his “ELF” message was one that most targeted people understood- and how many T.I.’s happenstance on this call and become all the more alienated, believing that the community is so far out in space that there is no possible way for continuity between it’s members. Personally- I think that people like Derrick are “plants” instrumented to discredit and disable targets by making them seem crazy and overboard.

American citizens are being inundated with secret weaponry that causes anxiety, sleep deprivation, hallucinations, and a myriad of health problems- not to mention being victims of organized stalking and intimidation with psych ops attacks. People who are claiming this type of problem are NOT ALL CRAZY, nor are they all suicidal or homicidal as suggested by people on the FFCHS call, but rather are typically normal people in very abnormal situations. Having the wings of a sparrow cut off and laid at the base of my front stairs is a good example of what I commonly go through- or having mine and my friends pictures taken by strangers out and about, or being attacked by sonic and microwave weaponry in the past. All of this has been done in vain attempts to try and silence me, I am just one person- so exactly how many others are going through the same type of stuff are totally unknown right now. I would assume, from my experience, that I am HARDLY THE ONLY ONE- and my experiences are not just happening to me but to hundreds of people just like me all over the nation. It is this fact that needs to be exposed instead of discussing the nuances of lizard people and inter-dimensional beings, and I just wanted to take a moment to point out that most of the T.I’s that I have spoken too don’t think this is helpful either. It is the “boots on the ground” type of situation that needs to be exposed and dealt with- and we need to leave all the other crap behind for those who would have the propensity to indulge such fantasies.

That is my rant for this morning.

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  1. Debb Kennedy

     /  November 8, 2014

    Terrific info-I agree that FFCHS is discouraging more than assisting, but since I have NOWHERE else to go to communicate with sympathetic individuals, as much as I dislike being trapped like this it is my only touch point. This may be part of the perps designs, too. We’re manipulated like mice in a maze. Stay safe. Debb Kennedy