Communities and Child Abuse/Trafficking

Unfortunately- more than not, the community has a tendency to look away from what makes it uncomfortable, and often do not report what they see concerning children and abuse. We have seen this over and over again- with Penn State and Jerry Sandusky, with Jimmy Saville and his pedophile lifestyle, and just recently- Ariel Castro- who kept three women prisoner in his house without anyone realizing or reporting the problem. We overlook that which we do not want to see- and it is this habit that has brought the child sex trafficking problem to the 36 billion dollar a year industry that it is.

Our systems have failed our children in a massive way. Our justice department reports that 2,185 children are reported missing a day- and that doesn’t count throw away kids who leave home, the parents who are selling their kids into this- such as mine did, and the undocumented immigrants, who are here in mass but invisible. Also, how many of the abducted and missing children are considered runaways and fall within the cracks of being reported? An example of this would be the case of Amber Harris in Omaha, NE. She disappeared and was deemed a runaway by our local officials until someone tripped over her rotting corpse in a local park a few months later- at which time they arrested a KNOWN perpetrator who lived on her bus stop and then asked the community hail them (the Omaha police) as heroes. It makes me wonder how many people are out there who have lost their children only to find roadblocks every step of the way in their search to find their loved ones. It has been my personal experience that only the most tenacious of us keep going- although that in no way is to say that we succeed. Our children are disappearing and being trafficked in mass, when they aren’t being raped and murdered- and it is up to us AS A COMMUNITY to bring this to a halt and change things.

We are beginning the see the very fabric of our society starting to tear and the only way to prevent this is to get back involved as a nation in our civic duties. Not just to vote- but rather become reacquainted and more connected to our communities as a whole in a way that helps inspire others to do the same. Our political, judicial, and and law enforcement agencies have been running rogue for far too long now- and it is time to start holding our leaders accountable- esp. with regards to our children. A “backlash” was formed against the first child protection law in America passed in 1974 called CAPTA, and they have been crusading against whistle blowers and mandatory reporters now for 30 years, influencing public opinion in mass with theories of people implanting memories in people’s brains and outlandish tales of Sybil and her multiple personality disorder bringing America to hysteria A DECADE AFTER THE BOOK WAS WRITTEN and causing our nation’s history with reports of satanic ritual abuse and MKUtra mind control abuses by our government, even in light of the fact that children were coming home from their day cares with STDs.

Our media helps feed these impressions. 2,185 children are reported missing a day- yet we had to listen about Casey Anthony for HOW LONG? Our media is leading us to believe that our children are not in danger- but the numbers are that close to 800,000 children are being reported missing a year right here in America, and that isn’t to say that the numbers haven’t grown exponentially since this report was delivered. We, as a nation- and more so, as human beings, can not afford to look the other direction any longer. The smoke is clearing and the mirrors are breaking- and that which has been hidden in the dark is now all starting to be brought into light- and this is one aspect we can no longer look away from and deny.

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