What It All Boils Down to Regarding the False Memory Foundation and their Theories and History of Lawsuits

This was left by me on Amazon on David Eichman’s review on Debbie Nathan’s “Sybil Exposed”

So let me get this right. Every childhood memory is false- or only those that deal with abuse? Saying that everyone who has memories of childhood abuse is false is pretty ridiculous. Are current memories false? What about what happened yesterday? So does it always take a therapist to implant memories- or can a neighbor? Maybe a store clerk.

Can you implant a false memory in me in writing or do you have to shine your laser beam into my eyes in person? I want to offer money to someone who can PROVE- IN A PERSON- IN A REAL LIFE HUMAN BEING- who doesn’t know that they can sue the brain implanter- or has a FMSF attorney waiting in the hallway, that false memories are real and can be implanted.

I’m serious- I want to have a detailed description of how a person implants a memory and I want to see it done. I will pick an average person and I want it videotaped and at the end of it- i want this person to be convinced that they ate babies for dinner. I want to SEE IT- not hear about it, not have it explained through mice- but I want to see an average individual be convinced that they ate babies. Without a huge FMSF payout in the end.

If this CAN NOT be proved- then there are a lot of therapists who have had their lives destroyed over nothing but junk science.

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