Castlewood Jury Tainted by the False Memory People and Plantiff’s Lawyers

If these women had such a solid case, why are their lawyers and the mothers of the plaintiffs tainting the jury spreading lies in order to persuade the group of twelve men and women to go one way or the other? Why is this case being tried in the media rather than in a court room- where it should be? Is it because of the fact that the case against Castlewood is ridiculous, and that it is impossible to place memories in a person’s brain (with or without their permission). This case is looking for notoriety- in order to jade the people into believing such nonsense by doing their best to interact and interfere with justice. The question obviously is WHY? The False Memory Foundation PP Squad as been hot and heavy to get anything negative that they can dig up on Castlewood and Dr. Schwartz in order to sway people on the internet with their inane arguments and “whoo whoo” tactics that distort and purposely deflect from the real facts of the case. This article is an example of how our media is doing their best by keeping quiet anything that supports Castlewood and doing anything that can to dig up dirt on it. Again- the False Memory Foundation arguments are based on two accused pedophiles reaching out to other pedophiles to form a group that does little but protect pedophiles and promote the fact that our nation’s history with children coming home from their day cares with STD’s and claims of being satanically ritually abused in the late 80s and early 90s were all a result of hysterical women being convinced by their therapists that they all had multiple personalities in order to enact a witch hunt in order to take down their perspective day cares. Because these theories are so stupid- they have to jump on any little claim they can and aggrandize it in order to try and make it more palatable to the general public who are not generally dumb enough to believe when they give it any kind of thought. The Castlewood case is a PERFECT example of what I am talking about.

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