Amazon, Survivor’s, and the CIA Connection to the False Memory Foundation- My Concerns for the Day…

I am perplexed at the events that are occurring on Amazon concerning a simple book entitled 22 Faces, by Judy Byington, and the actions of those who stand against it. Taking the form of something much bigger than a simple book review, this group- led by anonymous posters such as Critthink and Douglas, (who- in my opinion- is the biggest fricking sissy I have ever dealt with- a self-satisfied habitual liar who uses his constant criticisms to set himself above and apart from any and all situations), have gone out of their way to post private personal info in every form they can on anyone who would stand against them. Anyway- what they have done is invasive and borders on downright scary- which is the whole name of the game in that I believe that they believe if they scare enough survivor’s from coming forward- that their job as so called “skeptics” will be much easier. Just what am I speaking about? Let me give an example…

I have spoken about Judy Byington before and how this group stopped a book signing of hers at Costco, but it goes beyond that. They have tried to access and post any personal info on her that they can, and on other “skeptic” websites such as, they laugh and brag how they have not only been able to access Judy’s children, but also how they have been able to influence Jenny’s son- Jenny being the person who 22 Faces is written about. Jenny is incredibly fragile from the “skeptics” point of view- and so they laugh and brag at how they are causing problems between Jenny and her son, all the while they go on and on about how they are trying to “save humanity” from another “witch hunt”. However, it doesn’t stop there by a long shot.

In the past week or so, CritThink and the sissy Douglas, along with a biker dude named Karmakaze- have gone out of their way to expose and publically condemn another poster by the name of Felicity Lee. A victim of abuse- who changed her name twenty years ago to escape from her abusers- this group has systematically exposed every bit of personal info that they could find on Felicity- saying that since she was public it was their “right” and “obligation”. Of course- this group cries “FOUL” any time Felicity has responded to protect herself- and considering that this is a book review- she shouldn’t have to. Posting links to pictures and video of her granddaughter dancing, using her real name (which they use over and over as an intimidation technique), they have done their best to endanger a victim in order to “win” their argument. Going far beyond simply critiquing a book- this group has set itself up as judge and jury- and basically feels that any and every victim who comes forward reporting abuse should expect to suffer them. Showing that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals- I don’t think that discussing a book is their prime objective more than it is to promote this campaign of intimidation and fear to keep other, weaker victims from feeling empowered enough to tell their stories. This is being done INTENTIONALLY and with MALICE in my opinion, and one needs to wonder why.

From the investigations others have sent me- it seems to me that the CIA and the False Memory Foundation are linked. For those of you who don’t know what the False Memory Foundation is- it is a group of people- some who were accused of pedophilia- who organized a campaign to stand against allegations of satanic ritual abuse and ritual abuse in general in the public and private sectors in order to prevent- what they consider- a witch hunt. I say there are no real witches involved- and it is a group designed by pedophiles for pedophiles and is exalted by every pedophile in the world. Standing up for the accused- it touts that memories can’t be recalled- but they can be implanted. Doing their best to scare victims and therapists alike- they have gone on a national spree, suing therapists and effectively denying those who need it most professional help. Of course- then there are those they just simply out- like Felicity- so that a victim who would come forward is frightened from doing so. It is a highly effective and pervasive campaign of intimidation, and their reach seems to be all over the internet, which tells me that it definitely could have government backing. (Not saying that CritThink or the sissy Doug are CIA- because I believe they are only wannabes like satanic rally throwing Doug Mesner/Misicko, but from what I have seen on, there seems to be others who are behind the scenes giving direction and advice).

If the claims of victims of satanic ritual abuse are so bogus- I do not see a reason why there is this concerted effort to prevent us from telling our experiences. There is a good deal of EFFORT being made to keep claims like this down- and I have to wonder why- esp. considering how vast the numbers seem to be of victims connecting Satanism with our governments well known project MKUltra. Could the CIA be involved with keeping this down? It has been my experience that the answer to this is “DAMN STRAIGHT”. The American governmental system will do anything it can to keep situations- esp. like what happened here in Omaha- well within the concepts of conspiracy theories, just like the Catholic Church tried to do for years when it was covering its behind from allegations of priests being pedophiles. Considering the implications if all of this ever exposed- it is not only LOGICAL- but SENSIBLE.

But for right now- I just wanted to show what this group is doing- and to tell survivor’s that all is not lost. Knowing your enemy is key to winning the battle- and the fact that the “other side” is sending out Call to Action letters and fighting double time (like CritThink- who doesn’t seem to have a job considering the time she spends at the computer on Amazon), it tells me that for the first time, our side is making progress. Our situations WILL become known- and our detractors will be forced out into the light eventually- so have no worries. Keep telling your stories- writing your experiences- and sharing with others what you went through. I assure you that the rest of the world is starting to take an interest, and it will only be a matter of time before the truth of the matter is brought to the forefront. Why? Because even taking the hits that she has- there are survivors like Felicity who remain on the battle front fighting for survivor’s and the right to justice and peace. It is my hope that eventually- ALL OF US will join her.

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