Regarding My Faith and Recent Events…

I must admit that these past months have been incredibly rough on me, and I often ask myself why I keep doing what I am doing when it seems as if I am making absolutely no progress in having my father and his crimes against children investigated. Even with all that is happening in the world with the allegations concerning Jimmy Savile coming out in the UK and Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane setting up an investigation into Penn State to see why the allegations took so long to surface concerning Sandusky, I find it hard to keep believing that this mess in Omaha will ever come to light in any meaningful way, and I often contemplate walking away and just living my life. However, as crazy as it sounds, it is my faith that keeps me from giving up the ghost.

You see, I truly believe that the sins of the father fall upon the shoulders of the son, and as such- it is my obligation to do whatever I can to try and exonerate my father from his sins. The only way to do that is to expose what he is guilty of and bring it into the light so that that healing can begin from the harm that was done. This is the whole reason I began this “crusade” and it is also the reason that keeps me fighting long after others would have given up. A true to life tale of David verses Goliath, the forces that I am up against are concentrated, organized, and vast as I am battling not only the crimes of my father, but others who were instrumentally involved who have a great deal of money, power, and influence and are still alive, well, and viciously fighting to keep all of my concerns from ever seeing the light of day. Just like what we have seen in the Penn State case, the reason why none of these allegations have surfaced is because there was an overall cover up- for whatever reason, although I believe that Penn State and the enabling of Sandusky has to do with the same issues of child prostitution and trafficking that were going on here in Omaha at one point in time. If indeed the rumors are true- and Aaron Swartz was onto the same kind of problem based at MIT, then these issues did not stop in the 80s and 90s but went underground and grew in complexity. It is because of these concerns that I feel compelled by my faith in God to try and keep going with what I am doing, not because I have any personal gain in the situation but because, fundamentally- I believe that children need to be protected- and it is my belief in God and Heaven’s mandate to protect children that compels me to keep fighting this fight.

We all have a personal relationship with our maker- for those who believe there is a maker, and although many of our views do not always coincide with each other, it doesn’t make any of our relationships with God any less valuable. God speaks to each of us differently, and each of us has our own destiny that we are here to complete. As someone who believes that God is Everything and Everywhere, it has been my experience that when one begins to listen to the voice of God- Heaven never stops singing, and it is this celebration of faith that empowers me to keep moving forward even on those days that I would rather just give up.

On the battlefield- or really anywhere you find yourself, in everything that you do- always remember to leave a place for God to work- which is something I learned a long time ago. I am only one man, and I can’t hope that I can stop child trafficking on my own- but I believe if I raise my voice loud and long enough- that people will recognize the truth in what I am trying to present. My family has been incredibly evil in the past, but I HAVE TO BELIEVE that some good can come from the atrocities that my family is guilty of. It is this reason why I will continue to endure the criticisms and detrimental personal commentaries from those who sit in the peanut gallery, who conspire to manipulate social consensus for whatever reason, on a problem that DEFINITELY needs to be re-looked at.

(On a personal note, I have good reason to believe that one of those I am battling on Amazon is none other than Debbie Nathan herself- which, considering her tenacious involvement in putting her detractors down on her Facebook account and blog, would make sense that she would get involved with others who would express a different view on satanic ritual abuse and our governments involvement with the MKUltra project. It is also interesting that the False Memory Foundation is gearing up the way it has – sending out a Call to Action Letter. Sides are definitely being chosen and opposing camps are forming).

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