Some Thoughts on the Critics Concerning Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

First off, not every bad review on Amazon has been an attack- but those that are have been of a personal nature, and it’s those that I wish to talk about. I believe that a majority of the bad reviews that I have received have come from an online group of False Memory advocates that I like to call the Pedophile Protector Squad, who are afraid that if people begin to look at the thousands of complaints of abuse that we might have another “witch hunt”. Of course- what we are talking about isn’t a group of Satanists so much as it is a collection of rich pedophiles who are making inordinate amounts of money on the child trafficking industry, so take it for what it is worth.

I have stated that I wrote Rabbit Hole for myself, in order to see my life in black and white so that I could make some sense of it- and the original manuscript was a little over 100,000 words, although the finished product- with everything that was removed and added by my marketing team, ended up being a little over 64,000 words. The point is that things were subtracted and not added like my group of critics would like to assert. I also didn’t elaborate on my abuse for a reason- that being that I have never fashioned myself a Quentin Tarantino nor a Stephen King, and what happened to me was not as important to me as what was happening AROUND me and in my life. At some point during this process however, it became a project with not just me in mind, but other survivors.

All of the boxes of info throughout the book were done independently from me by my marketing team- who took what I wrote, thoroughly researched it, and put corresponding news reports and articles throughout in order to help readers understand what I was talking about. For me personally- this was not as important to me as it was that survivor’s be able to identify with what I am saying, and hopefully being empowered by it. I think it is this aspect that makes my book so threatening to those who would assert that satanic ritual abuse and secret governmental projects are impossible and do not exist. My book is designed to draw out survivor’s and hopefully validate their experiences in their own minds enough that they are able to find the strength to come forward and relate their own experiences. There are so many of us- and our voices NEED to be heard in order to stop this and prevent it from happening to others in the future.

I offer no apologies for the spiritual perspective that I offer throughout the book- as it was my Shamanic practice that helped heal parts of myself that were desperately in need of it, and I simply wanted to relate my experiences so that others might find some help hearing what I have gone through. I also can’t apologize for the homosexual aspect of the book- as it was my lifestyle that allowed me the perspective that I have on situations surrounding Omaha- esp. considering that most of the child trafficking and abuse was centered in Omaha’s homosexual community. With that said, I also want to reiterate that I simply related my experiences as they happened- and I have no intention to find proof of those experiences, as I see no need, nor do I have any hope that it would change my critic’s minds.

Lastly- is it poorly written? That I can’t judge- but I can say that Douglas- who claimed he was a professor in Seattle, just told people on Amazon that he is really married with a child in Louisiana, and so again I believe this to just be a personal attack on me and nothing more. I articulated as eloquently and as pointedly as I could, and I guess that the reader will just have to judge for themselves, although I have been told more than once that it is incredibly well written. I just know that I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this project in order to help other’s overcome what has happened to us- (which is why I am protective and willing to stand up for my work), and if one person is helped by what I have written, and thus far MANY PEOPLE have thanked me, then all of this chaos has been worth it in the end.

There is a second book in the works, more detailed in the abuse than Rabbit Hole has in it, and more about my relationship with those involved with this chaos- such as Noreen Gosch, Michael Aquino, and the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad- but that won’t be done for a while- so for right now- Rabbit Hole is going to have to settle and hopefully satisfy for the time being. I thank all those who have offered support, and I am sorry for those who have left unsatisfied- but I offer nothing to the group who is blatantly attacking any and all victims who come forward on the internet and such- as I believe that your group is composed mostly of childish adults who want to make a name for themselves, and it has been my experience- as an old man- that karma can be harsh when it finally returns to your doorstep- so take it for what it is worth.

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