A Confession of Sorts

There has been some question as to my methodology as of late, and I wanted to take a moment and try to explain myself as best that I can. A dear friend of mine told me that I was the “guard dog for survivors”, and that is probably the best way to describe how I feel about not only my situation, but for the issues of satanic ritual abuse, ritual abuse, and governmental mind control as a whole. When I began this attempt to get my family investigated six years ago, I had no idea the systematic, organized control the other side has implemented in the past thirty years, and it has been this constant game playing, with everyone connected to situations in Omaha as well on the internet- that has caused my frustration, thus making me more and more tenacious. The difference between me and most survivors is that I was trained to be a pit bull, sinking my teeth into a problem and not letting go until I succeed in exposing it. As such- I am able to play the other side at their own games- and let me assure you- what I am involved with is definitely a game of strategy.

A commonality among survivors is this need for peace, and I realize that most of us have concluded that this mess has consumed us for long enough and therefore most of us do our best to go on with our lives, leaving the battle for someone else at some other time in the future. However, I decided against abdicating my responsibility to all of this a long time ago and decided that if no one else was going to stand up- then I would stand alone and fight against something that has ensnared so many lives that it is virtually incomprehensible to realize the vastness of the situation. As such- I have found that every avenue of what happened here- not only in Omaha, or in America- but seems to be highly prevalent in the UK as well- is blocked with an organized group that seem to act like a distraction to prevent anyone from delving too far into the issues surrounding mankind’s history with satanic practices and organized government projects using fear and torture against ordinary citizens. Concerning Omaha-you have the Gosch camp and all the nonsense Noreen reports, along with local officials who will do absolutely nothing concerning reports of child abductions and murders. Online- you have websites such as Franklinfiles.net, which basically are sponge sites designed to attack and quiet any survivors who come forward with a different perspective than what is being promoted, and then you have the Doug “Mesner” type anons who are on Amazon attacking all survivors and promoting authors like Debbie Nathan- who on her blog has said that she believes that our nation is “too hysterical” concerning sex with children and that we need to “relax the laws” concerning adults having sex with children. All of this has proved to be incredibly frustrating- and I have begun to realize why no one has preceded me in all of this, or why those who have tried have always ended up dead. These people are NOT playing- as the implications for all of them should the truth ever come out has vast implications for all who are involved.

Although I am generally an incredibly personable and friendly individual- there is without a doubt a side to my personality that is comparable to biting down on a chunk of tinfoil. I grew up in a family that hated me, and so I am, by my own history, able to withstand constant criticisms from people who don’t have a clue as to who I am, as well as being able to dish out a good dose of my own blunt perspective, which those who fight with me don’t usually care for. However- there is a time for everything as it is said- and I truly believe that now is the time to TAKE A STAND. As such-I am going to fight back as needed to push back the lies and deceptions that have been a central part of all of this in any and every way that I think is necessary, and I have no intention of being bound by the conventionality of niceties and political correctness in doing this. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, and it is time to bring all of this mess into the light and expose it for what it is and let the chips fall as they may.

With that said- I want to make it crystal clear to those who would think otherwise that my sights are set on Mr. Michael Aquino- and am not going to settle for some lackey little boy who believes he is some sort of overlord of the darkness who throws media events in the form of satanic rallies for Rick Scott in Tallahassee Florida with a minion of three young girls. Thus far – Aquino has done nothing but run from me, denying that we even knew each other in a court of law late last year although I have sent him countless emails and he undoubtedly knows who I am considering everything that I have done so far. Supposedly once head of the NSA for a time- founder of Temple of Set, psych ops extraordinaire and my “master”, (main handler), it is only a matter of time before you are unable to keep hiding from who you are and what you are guilty of- and it would behoove you to face me head on and hear what I have to say as the time for my silence is over. You know as well as I do that this event is inevitable, and as a past spokesperson and poster child for the False Memory Foundation- you and I will face each other eventually. Stop hiding behind children like Doug Mesner- and face me. With your vast education- and your prestigious career- I am not sure what your hesitation is- but then again- we both know that is a lie, and as eager as I am for a public confrontation, you feel the opposite. However- since you were instrumental in helping me to develop into the man that I am today, I feel obligated to thank you in person- on camera.

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  1. TheAnthem

     /  February 2, 2013

    You said, “A commonality among survivors is this need for peace.” Absolutely.

    I recently joined franklinfiles as I thought they were reporting on the main issues. What I did note at once on the site is that there isn’t much eagerness to face these issues head on, and since I haven’t read much on the site, I can only wonder what the site is for. Maybe I should do more reading today.

    Debbie Nathan’s book, which I hear denies DID (?), and her stance on pedophilia are sad. The bolder these people get, the more comforting it is to have people like you on this side.