Back to The Basics

In light of this recent school shooting, I have done some incredible soul searching though I have found few answers to help comfort me. Although we have had massacre after massacre, this one is so horrific in that it has set the ante even higher for this type of behavior, and has once again reminded us that we are in a sad and evil world, and I am left to wonder where the light is in all of this. Like many others- I wonder- where is God with all of this?

America, it seems, doesn’t need to be afraid of foreign terrorists as much as we need to be afraid of our own people. Lacking the basic foundations that offer respect for life, each shooting has progressively gotten worse as kids are killing kids at an astronomical rate- trying to outdo the one before. Brain washing and soul numbing our children by glorifying violence and sex with endless hours of video games, music, and media- this problem is only further worsened by the fact that our news sensationalizes everything, promoting our morbid sense of curiosity in order to make ratings. In the process, some are left to fear the world while others desperately seek to rise above up in any fashion they can- even if that means grabbing a gun and killing innocents. But now that that the bar has been set so high, what are we to expect in the coming days after this horrific event?

How can I come to terms with what has happened in my heart? How do I deal with the grief and anger that surrounds this situation, esp. with regards to what those families must be feeling? How do any of us? Where do we go to look for comfort in this, where do we find some understanding? And most importantly, what can we do to prevent such tragedies from happening in our communities and in the world in general? These are some of the questions that have been running through my mind.

Quite a few, in the wake of this abomination, have clamored for tighter reigns on gun control- causing an inappropriate backlash considering the timing of all of this. Leaving no time to grieve, the world trudges on unmercifully, a fact that none enjoy nor can any of us deny. However, perhaps this is the very time that we should start looking at ways to try and reach out and prevent these types of situations, not by arguing the age old question about gun control but by trying to figure out how to change the mentality that has become so pervasive within our society. Somehow or other, we all need to come together and bring back a respect for life, and stop this hate that we have for everyone who is different than ourselves.

First and foremost- we are all human, and as such- we must find a way to stop bullying each other and begin to realize that we all fundamentally need each other. The only way to start this is by finding the compassion we have within us and projecting it out into the world. I am not a Christian, yet I undeniably believe in God. It is only with Heaven’s help that we, as a nation- as a race- and as a planet- will be able to change the world in order to bring a halt to this carnage that we are facing- not only in Connecticut, but all around the globe in general. This perspective must be global for it to work, for it is said that we are ALL children of God, so this hypocritical idealism that violence is okay in certain forms must cease. Regardless of how others view life or act out towards it- we all have to make a conscious effort to be more compassionate human beings, reaching out to those in need instead of ridiculing, mocking, or attacking those we see as different or strange.

We must bring back some sort of mental health structure- so that those who are in need aren’t left to fend for themselves. Instead of blaming those who are mentally ill, we need to provide better services so that they can get the help that they need. We don’t need more laws and stiffer prison sentences- they don’t have any effect on the problem as a whole- but rather, we need to change our perspective and realize that, like it or not, it is in our best interest to remember that we ALL ARE our brother’s keeper. It has been through our adversity that we have become violent, promoted by our nation’s propaganda and media outlets that graciously provide endless hours of virtual murder after murder, atrocity after atrocity, and as an escape- then give our children the outlet to kill whatever and however they want through their video games. We are breeding psychopaths and then are lamenting about the effects that is has on our society as a whole- bringing up the basic argument that you cannot raise people to be a certain way and then blame them for doing exactly what they were brought up to do.

Most importantly- other than a sense of compassion, we must bring back communication. A true dialogue of human compassion must begin, and we must all find a way to begin to embrace each other, and help each other when we are down rather than looking away and pretending things aren’t as they are. We MUST become involved with each other- every one of us- with the rest of the world. We need to bring back a sense of honor and respect for life- in order to stop the ensuing violence that is going to happen if we don’t. Killing each other is not the answer- it only brings the type of heartache that we are only beginning to experience in Connecticut. However, for this to really work, it will take everyone to get involved to try and make a difference. If not, we will just keep going through this type of atrocity over and over, as the numbers and stakes progressively get higher and higher.

That is just my opinion anyway.

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