An Example of What I Am Dealing With By Way of A Negative Review on Amazon.Com

This is an example of some of the misconceptions I am battling throughout this

This book is mostly well written, which is the only good thing about it. Otherwise the content of the book is mostly he said she said type material. Take my word for it. There are no real hard facts or evidence. Think of it this way.
“Hey i saw the loch ness monster”
“Really? Where is your proof?”
“Well i do not have any so you are going to have to take my word on it”
Of course the allegations in the book are much more serious than that, most of this is just a conspiracy. I also can say that the day care center at the beginning of the book where a college professor talked of satanic rituals on toddlers was false. One of the toddlers a few months back has stated that the allegations against the daycare were false and that the toddlers were coached on what to say. Aside from that i believe the author actually has never been involved with any crimes what so ever and either this is a great piece of fiction that he wrote or perhaps he is delusional.

Either way DO NOT buy this book.


At the request of the author i read his blog and while he does talk about the events of franklin and how his family was involved he seems to make claims that he cannot back up whatsoever about his family and about a missing boy johnny gosch which is a real case. I marked my star down to 1 now based on these absurd allegations and odd claims that he brings up in his and I wonder how much he claims about himself is true in the book?

Again do not purchase this.


Yes, whatever you do- do not buy Rabbit Hole- which is the MAIN objective of this review. Again- it doesn’t give specifics, just personal attacks. However, I am one who thinks that people should judge for themselves, and at least give me a chance to explain where I am coming from.

I stand behind the things I have said about the Johnny Gosch case- and since I am articulate, and able to form sentences- it should be obvious that I am not delusional. The news articles were added AFTER I wrote Rabbit Hole, and they were done independently from me. Most are from the Omaha World Herald- and since I was told that there is a PLETHORA of info on this subject that is stored in the archives of the newspaper, anyone who would like to research some of what I am talking about should feel free.

A woman in NJ has a lot of opinions about me and what I have to say- although I wonder if she actually knows what she is talking about. It isn’t that those who argue with me are stupid- but rather, they are ignorant to what really happened here in Omaha, and the fact that people MORE THAN JUST MYSELF know about the things that happened here. I have a feeling that her stance is more about what I have to say about the Johnny Gosch case than anything else. Whatever the case- it is obvious, by her own admission- that she is interested in keeping people from reading my book.

It is my personal contention that those who actually LOOK at all this, questioning everything that we have been told about all the events surrounding Franklin, they will see the same things that I am speaking about. That something seriously wrong transpired here- and that very little of the media driven official story makes sense when looked at with a critical eye. And that is why I will continue to keep going, defending myself when necessary- in order to get this exposed, whether strangers want to deem me delusional or not. Since I am not- it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things anyway.

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