New Flier from Doug Millar Concerning Satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

Doug Millar vs Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

It is my personal opinion that Doug Millar is being set up by the powers that be, namely the justice department, esp. considering what just transpired this past week in court with regards to his arrest at the Bohemian Grove. Even though California State law dictates that charges must be presented by the prosecution no more than 15 days after the original arrest, the day that Doug went to court- (19 days after his altercation with law officials), there was no record of Doug even being arrested at the Bohemian Grove on July 14th, 2012, (although his court date had been set on August 2nd, 2012). Instead of dropping the charges as mandated by law- the prosecutor asked the judge for a thirty day continuance, which was granted. Facing court but not having any idea of the charges he faces, they are stringing him along in my impression- straddling him with the threat of prosecution while waiting an inordinate amount of time for them to decide what even to charge him with.

Considering that he went to court against Michael Aquino on August 1st, 2012- I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some sort of “spanking” being planned by the California Judicial Department- who, after hearing an hour of testimony with Doug supplying facts to the case against Aquino- still determined that Doug- not Aquino- was the threat, (even after there was more than one person who spoke on Aquino’s crimes), giving a child killer a three year restraining order against a man who would stand to expose him. Doug IS a threat- to their way of life of protecting their own- and it is sad that he is facing what he is while those who are supposed to be bound by the law remain constant in acting as if they are beyond it.

Considering that the video of Doug being arrested at the Bohemian Grove has been viewed by close to 40,000 people, it is pretty obvious to me that people are interested in what is going on between Millar and Aquino. Doug has implied to me that this “race” has sped up since I climbed aboard, and the fact that the only things NOT returned to Doug after his arrest was all the literature that had to do with me- I wonder if he isn’t right. That is why I feel compelled to write something to share with the world trying to explain his circumstances.

Doug and I- together, are a powerhouse of knowledge- with his investigations into child crimes for 20 years and my background of being a victim of such activities on a personal level – so needless to say we are a threat to those who would work to keep this all entirely secret. Despite that fact, however- what is happening to Doug is wrong on so many levels- esp. considering that they are taking their times trying to figure out even what to charge him with. It is as if his civil rights have been flung out the window- and largely because he stands against so many powerful people trying to expose Aquino and the events at Bohemian Grove.

The world needs to realize how villainous all of this is- and the fact that it is happening to such an outspoken survivor’s rights activist, means that it could happen to us at any point of time in the future. The media does not pick any of these types of stories ever- so most don’t care-but those of you who do can always send out emails voicing your disapproval as to how the system is treating Mr. Millar. He is fighting hard for our children and our children’s children- and this bulldozing over him by officials of the judicial department is unfair and sets an incredibly bad precedent on future cases such as this.

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