A Retraction of Something I Posted Yesterday Via Facebook and Email

I must retract an email and Facebook posting I sent out yesterday, in that Doug Millar actually LOST his case with Col. Michael Aquino in court yesterday and another three year restraining order was placed on Doug by the court system. However, Doug was so elated that he had his day in court and the fact that he was able to get much of what he needed to say on the court record yesterday that I mistook his elation for a win, which, in a way- it is.

Feeling as I did when I went to court against my step-mother, Joanne C. Shurter, in that despite the fact that fundamentally it was a win or lose situation, Doug felt that it was important for the information to be documented in court documents so that they case could eventually be taken public. He told me last night that he never really had any hope that he was going to win yesterday- but the fact that the judge let him speak for about an hour in front of a crowded court room thrilled Doug, as he was afraid that they would do what they did last time and wait till the last minute, finally ushering them into a tiny room where they were isolated from everyone else. This time the secrecy that has been so prevalent in Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s background was amusingly absent- and I am sure those who sat in the court room yesterday heard more than they ever expected to hear.

An interesting aspect that came out yesterday is that Aquino is telling people that he is a General working for the NSA now. Whether that is true or not I can’t say, since the man also said in court yesterday that he had no idea who I am, even though we have had several communications throughout the years, I have a book written involving him, and I generally keep him abreast as to what I am doing via email- just because I feel that, since he took such an interest with me as a child, he would be interested in how his prodigy turned out. So it seems that the satanic founder of Temple of Set has a bit of a problem with the truth, which, in my personal experience, is a strong understatement. No matter- because it seems that the truth is easily accessible now with the internet, or should I say secrets are harder to keep rather- and so, in a few weeks -after they are processed- Doug has asked me to post the public court documents on my site, which I have completely agreed to do.

Doug goes back to court today to face his charges of being arrested at the Operation Bohemian Grove movement, and although it is hard not to wonder if there is some sort of set up going on in the California court system in order to stop Doug, I must hope for the best. I ask that if you are so inclined, you say a prayer for him today to help him get through this ordeal. Things are heating up- and have ever since the two of us have joined forces, and so we all must act accordingly- and keeping everyone abreast as to what is happening on my blog and through social media is fundamental to keep all of this from falling through the cracks of justice, so stay tuned for more information, and look for those court documents in the next coming weeks!

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