New Post on The Michigan Child Killings (OCCK)

“Most of you don’t remember that in the mid 80’s (I believe it was 1986) America’s most wanted asked for help from Viewers in solving the case of the Oakland County Child Killer.

Facts released during the show included hairs found in the vehicle of a potential suspect. At the time, the FBI believed the OCCK had a female accomplice.

The bodies were not just thrown out on the side of the road to be found… They were washed clean, the nails cleaned, and the bodies dressed in their clothes all nice and neat. The bodies were said to have been laid with care. Back then, it was believed that these facts, along with others, portrayed the profile of a female or female accomplice.”

Just like Ricky Chadek here in Omaha. Same MO as many other abductions. That is why I believe my father, stepmother, and their friends were involved with these murders.

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