Why An Amber Alert was Never Issued on These Two Abducted Girls in IA


The Omaha FBI is investigating this crime- and they are notorious for failing to solve crimes against children. This is one more example of their complete inefficiency when it comes to these type of crimes- and it was this behavior that helped the scandals surrounding children in the 80s and 90s go away- as they botched things up over and over- while stealthily covering their tracks. This one, however, is going to be much more difficult to explain away- esp. when it comes out that they have probably been taken by a pedophile ring. Considering that we are about the learn the same thing about Penn State that was true about Franklin Credit Union in that young boys were being pimped out to rich donors, it seems to me that the pendulum has swung back the other way, and it is going to be much harder for the False Memory people to hide and protect the NAMBLA type behavior that seems to be so prevalent in our society- for is it not said that it’s “sex before eight or it is too late,” or perhaps the old adage- “if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t seed,” both of which I grew up with. The problem with this is that people are starting to grow wary of people having sex with children- and it is only time before there is a serious backlash against those who have helped make all of this possible. The Omaha FBI, the Nebraska State Patrol, and the OPD are ALL just as guilty when you look at all of this- and this cover up of inefficiency needs to be exposed before ANY MORE HANDSOME RETIREMENT PACKAGES ARE HANDED OUT!

Another question- and I just have to ask, why is Noreen trusting these people when she has gone on for thirty years as to how they covered up her son’s abduction- and why is the media focusing on Noreen now- when her case was, as she said- thirty years old and no one cares. But of course- considering that Etan Patz was one of two boys on the nation’s milk cartons, the media and the world does care about the fact that Johnny Gosch was the SECOND first boy on the milk cartons, as they printed two different boys at a time, so to say that no one cares when the media is once again focusing on all of this is nonsense. However- I just want to point out- as you can see on DavidShurter.com, that there is a much different point of view from someone who was actually personally involved with the people involved in Franklin- which I detail in my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, and by the postings I have on my blog- you can see that it has caused some distention. For this I offer no apologies. The official story is bogus, and it makes no sense when you compare it to what was really going on here in Omaha. I have been told that I need to leave Paul Bonnaci, Noreen Gosch, and John DeCamp alone- however- it is their long list of crazy making that inindates the whole Franklin investigation, and ALL of it needs to be re-examined with a new eye so that the public can decipher what exactly was taking place here in Omaha, so that we can begin to prevent situations like Penn State and the Sandusky’s of the future.

Sent to me via email…which also went to Noreen Gosch

I think it is also important that someone point out that tiny little truth written by DeCamp himself…….he did not find the abuse but was handed the file with the information by the LaRouche Organization. This was not given to him until after it was thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. The fact that this was an “intelligence” operation is further supported by DeCamps close relationship with Wm. Colby. The entrenchment of this perverse behavior in our intelligence community goes WAY back. Children are useful tools to these people, both in terms of getting their own perverse sexual kicks and also as a means of controlling public officials who have a penchant for young flesh. The myth of DeCamp being some sort of hero to these children needs to be debunked. He was used as well – according to himself. What we don’t know is what they had on DeCamp, or what they offered him, to get him to agree to bring the information to light and who he was actually working for.

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