Reflecting on Current Events

Although having my picture taken yesterday at a gas station was strange, it has made me realize that I must be making an impact with what I am doing- why else would anyone bother taking a pic of my ugly mug? Also considering that everything was returned to Doug Millar eventually except for nine copies of my speech on the Bohemian Grove- which Doug was arrested before he could present, and thirty or so copies of a pamphlet detailing my desire to publicly debate Col. Michael Aquino, it is pretty obvious to me that if you weren’t aware of me before- you definitely are now. Which is why you have once again chosen to target me.

Let me assure you that nothing you do will stay quiet, and no matter what you do- I have every intention of helping host a conference in October on human trafficking in order to expose what has and, to some degree, is STILL happening here in the area. As a result, I am working closely with many professionals here in town who have already had access to and have read my book Rabbit Hole, and the concept of child trafficking is already on their minds. You can’t threaten everyone, and since I also reached out to some pretty high profile individuals, trying to close me down is only going to make them more curious as to WHY? That is not even considering the SMART conference, at which I speak this coming August. It has been my experience that people are more than interested, in fact they are down right curious as to exactly went down during the Franklin Credit, and no games used in the past are going to close this effort down.

The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), whose motto is “Sex before eight or it’s too late”, has been targeted by Anonymous- and though they may not succeed in shutting it down- I have a feeling that they will be pretty effective in exposing this group for what it is, and it’s associate group- The False Memory Foundation, which is designed to protect such pedophiles. The arguments of DID and false memories of abuse are not going to work now that we are in the days of Penn State, Sandusky, and the Catholic church scandals, as no one is going to buy that argument this time around. Funny- how life circles around, isn’t it?

Target me all you want, I am not going to stop trying to expose all of this the best that I can. However, whatever happens with regards to me, it does not change anything for the majority of you on the “other side”- for it is and always will be- Come clean or be claimed.

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