So Now My Friends and I Have a Shadow

So today my friend Tracy and I were out and about and what should we come across after being followed is a man- thin, big glasses, in businessman attire, taking our pictures as we came out of the gas station with our purchases. He got all angry when I pulled my car up beside him so that we could get a better look at him, and became aggressive with his car as a result- but I couldn’t help notice that he was watching us as we drove away at the light- waiting for us to drive away before he entered the store. There is NO DOUBT in either of our minds that we were being targeted for some reason, of course- the coincidences don’t stop there.

Doug Millar- a man in his 70s, was the only one arrested at the Bohemian Grove this year, and after they let him go, it took days to get his phone and computer back. The fact that ex-President George Bush Sr. put the place on a national security alert during the proceedings tells me that they are aware that there is a movement building against them, and since Doug was the ONLY one arrested at the Bohemian Grove- and he had my speech in hand at the time, tells me that the “other side” is well aware of me as well. Obviously- they are taking my pictures coming out of gas stations and unnerving my friends.

Word to the wise, whoever it is that following me and my friends- you should probably learn not to be so obvious, because now- everyone is going to be instructed to take pictures with their phones of the people who are harassing them- so that they can send it to me so that I can publish it on my website. Intimidation works both ways my friends, and we are not afraid of you. In fact- we feel sorry for you for having such a boring job ahead of you. However- this is certainly not going to stop any of us- and it has only made Millar more eager than ever to expose his investigations, so realize that the more you screw with us- the greater our determination becomes.

You will not stop the future- nor what is coming for you in that future. Harass, intimidate, follow and arrest all you want- the truth is already out and is only going to grow stronger the harder you fight. I am not sure who has a tail on me- but realize this- it won’t stop me. Simply because it has never been about me ever.

Come clean or be claimed. Those are your choices.

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