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EPISODE #132 – The American Reconstruction Project!!!!

Saturday, 07-14-2012, evenings show!!

I’ve got David Shurter’s joining me this Saturday!!! David’s on a campaign to EXPOSE the ILLUMINATI in America for the MURDERERS they are, from his own personal experience! This is one you don’t want to miss!!! Here’s the BIO David sent me:

Born on 12-06-1966, I began life enveloped in a group of satanists who were convinced that I was going to grow up to be the Antichrist. Although my mother went into labor with me on Thanksgiving night- things were done to prevent me from being born until 6 am in the morning. Numerology is vitally important to satanists- and the date of my birth was incredibly important.

I was groomed in the MKUltra fashion until I was 10, when events occurred that broke my programming and got me out of the group. My family ran to a small northern Iowa town after murdering a father of an abducted daughter where I lived until the age of 18, at which point I went back to Omaha, Ne to live with my biological mother.

IMMEDIATELY after returning to Omaha, within the first month, I was contacted by members of the cult- who all pretty much befriended me. At this point- I was doing everything that I could to escape the memories of my past, and though the memories were conscious, I buried them deep within and taught myself never to think about things- even when my dearest friend- who got enveloped into events surrounding Franklin Credit Union (a savings and loan that eventually failed after being bilked out of 40 million dollars), ended up getting murdered over it all.

My father died in 2006, and that is when I began to investigate the events of my past in order to see if what I remembered was even possible. It was when I learned that it was not only possible but probable- I decided to write a book detailing my experiences with all of this. Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is the result of that effort. In it, I detail all the events of my life surrounding the cult and my father- who was a child trafficker and murderer, and explain what was happening with the child, drug and gun trafficking that was happening in the area during the 80s and 90s. I dispel the rumors of “satanic panic” by detailing the events surrounding the cult activity that my family was involved with by explaining not only the events but also the methodology and spiritual beliefs of the group- which I was taught by my handler Col. Michael Aquino. I elaborate on the history of MKUltra and how it came to be- as well as talking about Temple of Set- Aquino’s own satanic religious sect.

Now I am an activist. A co-founder of NATRC (North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition), I am making it my calling to try and bring forth survivor’s and survivor advocates alike in order to form a network that helps people figure out what RA and SRA is- and more importantly- where you can go if you are a victim of such abuse.

Here is David Shurter’s latest video to help prevent the savage perverts and Satanists he was forced to “service,” as a child sex slave in Omaha and at
Bohemian Grove, from having to access to YOUR young loved ones. Http://
His father, a Satanic coven leader in Omaha, often kidnapped children in Nebraska and nationwide, sold them for big profits.
When Dave was a little boy, his father often rented an airplane and flew Dave to Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County, CA. (I moved to this beautiful, most rural of the six San Francisco Bay Area counties in 1982, because one of my fFour best Anchorage High School buddies, Harold Wells, married a CA girl, Yvonne, and they settled in Santa Rosa, not far from Bohemian Grove.) Dave was also a victim of the future leading Satanist in the world, Army
Special Forces/CIA/Nazi Lt. Col. Michael Angelo “Michael the Angel” Aquino. Dave has told me, “I was Aquino’s favorite boy. Why? Probably due
To my birth date that was postponed from Thanksgiving Eve until 12-6-06 by my father, when my mother began her labor, for obvious (666) reasons! And due to the fact that dad named me the ‘Anti-Christ’!” (Occult birth dates are often picked for early or late birth delivery dates by occultists!)
When Dave was 10, his evil step-mother forced Dave to murder his closest playmates’ father. She was a little girl his father and other Satanists had recently kidnapped. (By then, Dave had been sodomized so many times by his father and his Satanist friends, for a decade, Dave was inclined to openly act like a girl.)

When the father was looking for his missing daughter, he knocked on the Shurters’ door, and was invited in, thinking he was entering his “friends”
Home. Offered something to drink, the drug in it knocked him out. He was carried downstairs, tied up, lighter fluid was poured on him, and David’s
Satanist step-mother forced him to light the match. David was only 10; so the screams and trauma were so horrific, the man’s Murder caused his parents’ and Aquino’s mind-control programming and domination over Dave to breakdown. NO DOUBT IT SAVED DAVE’S LIFE
Earlier this year, David wrote his book. Six years ago, he told John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch , during lunch at their only meeting, he planned to
Write his book and expose Aquino. Dave first called me on the 13th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. Shortly after that he told me,
“DeCamp told me the day we met, ‘When you write your book, you will blow all of this wide open!’ ”

Dave’s book is RABBIT HOLE: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, and Everyone should order a copy from him, if you want to protect your loved ones. HOW? Call him at: (402) 740-6241 or go to: JUST THINK ABOUT DECAMP’S COMPLIMENT! As life insurance for DeCamp’s
Key witness in his book, Paul Bonacci, plus DeCamp’s family and himself, John oOnly mentioned Aquino’s name one time in, THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska (and nationwide). And it was Ted Gunderson who named Aquino. No one else in the book even mentioned Aquino. Due to Ted’s courage, as he investigated and exposed Aquino’s CIA Satanism in America, Ted told several of us, “In the ’80s, Aquino put out a $35,000 contract to have me murdered, and I had to go underground for a year, before I could get the contract removed!” (Ted told me how he did it. Very clever, but several of Ted’s family suffered, due to Ted’s CIA, Aquino, FBI, Pentagon and Council on Foreign Relations [division of the Illuminati] exposes.) DeCamp’s strategy worked, because each of them, including everyone in Ted’s, DeCamp’s and Bonacci’s family are still alive. However, these subversives murdered Gunderson, by pumping arsenic into his apartment in Las Vegas. As I told Gunderson several years ago, “It is very obvious to me that Aquino, the CIA and/or Illuminati attacked two of you children, Ted, Jr. And your daughter, plus your granddaughter who spoke to me with the voice of a 12-year-old, although she told me she was in her 20s!” TED AGREED! Sure wish Ted had lived long enough to expose these facts, but the Illuminati’s agents murdered Ted, with arsenic! Shurter sent a copy of this YouTube video to Aquino, because Aquino is afraid
to debate Dave and me, as is Aquino’s #1 spokesperson, Doug Deitrich. We don’t know why this is spelled wrong, but you need to click on it, as is:
We continue to expose how cowardly Satanists really are. They love to torture and murder children, but are afraid to debate adults! Deitrich continues to avoid accepting my debate challenges. He avoided my distribution of it, while we were at Conspiracy Con – 2012, the first weekend of June, and when he spoke in San Rafael, CA at the first annual “Super Soldier Summit,” several of us from Sonoma County attended the all day event on June 23. San Rafael is the city Aquino was born and raised in. It is approximately halfway between Santa Rosa, where I live, and San Francisco. Once again I passed out our debate challenge of Aquino and Deitrich, or Deitrich and me, after discussing his fear to debate me with his manager. WILL DEITRICH ACCEPT & DEBATE? Deitrich told someone (I know) at Conspiracy Con – 2012, “I hate children!”

PS Be sure and email this to everyone on your list. Ask them to pray for our success, as we expose the Druids, Satanists and Luciferians in con-trol of Bohemian Grove. Out protests begin Friday the 13th of July, 2012. Not everyone attending are involved in these evil crimes and cover-ups!

NOTE: I’ve spoken to men in three states who have never met each other, but each of them has been at Aquino’s human sacrifices. All thee of them have been at human sacrifices in Bohemian Grove and forced to participate in cannibalism of the young boys’ bodies. IF NOT ABLE TO ATTEND THESE PROTESTS, THEIR WRITTEN STATEMENTS OF WHAT THEY WITNESSED AND WERE FORCED TO INDULGE IN AGAINST THEIR WILL, SHALL BE READ ALOUD AND FILMED FOR YOUTUBE, ETC.

Of course, as always, I’ll be giving the latest information I’ve got in regard to David Myrland’s condition in this corrupt “legal” system. As I’ve reported, they, I.e. The ROTTEN judicial system, have done everything in their power, short of killing him , to keep a lid on what’s going on to and with his case!! David-Winn: Miller is back from his visit to China, and hopefully will be KICKIN some major judicial ASS and getting David out of this atrocious violation of his rights. Stay tuned for what’s coming!!!

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When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty!

Simply trying to Return America to what our Forefathers Ideas of Freedom and being an AMERICAN originally was!!!!
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