Past Dealings with The Michigan Police Regarding the Oakland Child Killings

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Oakland County Child Killing Case
To: d shur
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 2:28:25 PM

Mr. Shur
Please stop sending your information to this web site. I’ve read many of your posts, and have found nothing connecting your information to our investigation.
Task Force Commander MSP


Okay- if you are sure that my dad had nothing to do with the things that happened in Michigan in the 70s- I will stop emailing you. wow- that investigation was FAST. only two weeks.

thanks for your help

David Shurter

i hope you dont mind that i keep that letter up
The one I wrote your dept about the whole- my dad is dead and this case is so old so you guys should have to bother investigating. This will be the last email I send you- but I just wanted to keep that letter up because I beleive that it says exactly how I and probably many other people feel.

But thanks for your thourough and well researched investigation. I hope I didnt bother you or take too much of your time.

David Shurter
One last thing

I was just thinking- and it occurred to me. While I was sitting in the office of Fraser and Stryker- the receptionist was reading the online news of CNN. The article she was reading all about a man who was busted as a cult serial killer- and the story said that there were strong indications that this man was not working alone. Now- since I obviously dont write for CNN- I thought you might just want to contact them and ask them what that story was all about. I forget the details- but I am sure that they can remind you.

Could my dad be connected with this man?

Just a question.

David Shurter
Fw: One last thing
d shur

This happened in Michigan by the way.


This was the letter that I sent to Michigan State Police and CNN at the time…

This is David Shurter from Omaha Ne. After finding out about a four unsolved child murders in Michigan- I have contacted the Michigan State Police. After my conversation with a woman on the phone from that dept, this is the email that I sent. This pretty much goes for EVERYONE I have been in contact with but I felt I should share this with you.
The woman that I spoke to in your office regarding the oakland child murders told me- “what difference does it make- your father is dead so why should we investigate.”
This is the reason. I have no intention of stopping until i get to the bottom of this- and if it comes out that you drug your feet on this- or just ignored what what you have been told- I promise you- I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO TAKE YOU- AND YOUR DEPARTMENT- THROUGH THE MOST PUBLIC WRINGER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.
Before you scoff and tell yourself that I am crazy- perhaps you should get ahold of the people involved with this to see what THEY think of me. i am not going away- and the fact that i keep finding example after example of POLICE NOT BOTHERING TO DO THEIR JOBS-trust me- I will bring this out.
Police- contrary to popular belief – are PUBLIC SERVANTS. You are suppose to serve the public- and justice. Omaha and what happened here is a perfect example of what happens when police do not do their job. I for one am sick of all this crap. MURDERED CHILDREN MATTER. Im sorry if you dont think the same- but I assure you- THEY MATTER.

please look into what i told you. my dad may be dead- BUT I ASSURE YOU- I AM NOT. NOR ARE MANY OF THE PEOPLE CONNECTED TO THIS.

David Shurter

Let me remind everyone that my father- Robert Lynn Shurter Jr- grew up in Niles Michigan

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