Being a Survivor Advocate Takes Courage of Conviction…

Being a survivor advocate takes courage of conviction- and it takes strength to support those even when it isn’t easy. I wish that some who stand up would sit back down- because when it heats up- they bail out- doing more damage to survivors than not. If you are going to talk the talk- then at least have the courage to walk the walk. Otherwise- shut your mouth and get out of the way. That is my opinion.

Joanne C. Shurter of Omaha NE and her attorney/cousin  Gerald Friedrickson are perpetrators who are desperately trying to keep my book down without actually taking me to court- knowing that my sister and I can prove the abuse allegations along with everything else.  They send threatening letters to everyone- and when people like Dixie Quicks sends them back a letter telling them to go screw themselves- they actually do NOTHING.  Despite the fact that these two seem to want to re-victimize me again now that I am an adult- I will continue to speak my truth and do everything I can to get my story out there.

My parents were involved in a child abduction ring, and guns and drugs were also being trafficked in Omaha at the same time.  Involved with the same people who brought down a savings and loan in town- the police today still refuse to investigate- despite the number of unsolved cold case child murders they have on the books.  Read all about it in Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story- now available on Amazon.  BUY YOUR COPY TODAY AND READ WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!

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