Some Thoughts about Easter…

Why is it that people can worship some “dead guy on a stick” (which is how Satanists view Jesus on the cross),  but when you start conversing about energy they look at you like you are crazy? Why is it so hard to grasp the concept that there is nothing that isn’t God? In every face I see I see the face of God. Many Christians, in my opinion, see the devil. It is like Gandhi said- I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians. As it gets closer to Easter, and my triggers go up understanding that for some the holiday represents how easy it is to dispose of an agent of God, I find myself irritable with this whole Messiah concept that people have fallen under the illusion of.

I am not a Christian in the fact that I do not believe that Jesus dying on the cross excused me of my sins, and I feel that my own salvation lies in my own hands- and not in a book that some can quote at a moment’s notice.  Growing up with Satanists, I have compelling reasons why I cannot and will not ever call myself a Christian, and though I don’t adhere to the beliefs that I was raised with, nor do I have any compulsion to jump onto the other side of the coin.  A narcissistic belief system in my opinion, it celebrates death in the same way that I grew up with, and every spring I am faced with the same feelings that I have had since childhood- consisting of anger and discontent.

It is my contention that what is important is Jesus’s life and the things he preached, and not the fact that he found himself nailed up on a cross.  But the Bible is filled with so many myths; it is hard to decipher what is truth and what were the political messages of the Church- who had the most control over the document in mankind’s history more than any other.  Do I believe that a man lived in a fish for days before being rescued? No.  Do I believe that epilepsy is caused by the devil?  No.  Do I believe that there was a boat that actually existed that housed every single mammal in the world, in which they existed without eating each other?  No.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t find beauty and truth in the myths of the Bible.

I believe that evolution is the work of God, and that we all evolve- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The first commandment is Love.  Jesus preached this- and I have found the worth in this process.  The problem with believing that you are saved, besides the fact that this is disillusionment, is that it makes it much easier to judge those around you.  None of us are saved from the responsibility of our actions- and those actions can easily end one up in the dark as much as in the light.

We are in the Reckoning.  Everything is being brought out into the light finally- and all of us will be judged accordingly.  Telling yourself that you are free of this process is folly, no matter how many wafers you consume on Sundays.  We are all beginning to realize that God has been with us always- even in the dark. However, there is a place that God is not, and that is where those who live selfish, hateful, evil lives will end up- not in fire, but in dark.  An eternity of never ending nightmares that are the result of the absence of God and the Light, the suffering will be great, much more so than burning up in flames.  No light, no heat, no passion, no love- those who chose this path will learn what the fallen had to learn before they were able to return to Heaven, as the only evil remaining on Earth is that which remains in the hearts of man since all of the fallen have been reclaimed by God and have returned to the Light.

I would highly suggest that we all take our actions very seriously, and make the amends that have to be made before it is too late.  Because when it is too late, it is REALLY TOO LATE.

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