With Regards to Gerry Friedrickson- Joanne C. Shurter’s Cousin/Attorney

I find it interesting that Gerry Friedrickson is not a partner at his firm, even at his age.  And the fact that Joanne is attacking the boy/man she raised from the age of three- shows that the woman is capable of anything.  Interesting- the woman is terrified that I am speaking about my childhood.  Has to make you wonder why a mother would attack the son she raised since three. 

My sis is right- I need to have several book launch parties- all over the nation.  I am making arrangements to do just this.  If Gerry Friedrickson wants to stop me- then he is going to have to follow me all over the nation.  But it is my intent to make this as impossible for him to stop as I can.  Let him follow me- cause I am ready to GO!!!!

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  1. Just where is the facebook like link ?