Nick Bryant’s New Interview on Events Concerning Omaha

The above link is a new interview with Nick Bryant, author of the Franklin Scandal. It gives a good overall view of many of the concerns that were going on in Omaha, although I feel the need to correct him in a few places.

First off, he makes a comment that those who say events in Omaha somehow involve a government program called MKUltra on the internet are “psychologically unstable”. Since my name comes up with regards to this all over the net, and I am a survivor of MKUltra here in Omaha, I can only assume that he meant me- or people like me. He comments that only one person claimed to be part of such a project, but doesn’t mention that it is Paul Bonnaci, and that it was his claims alone that got over a thousand child abuse claims dismissed in the process.

Second, he says that drugs weren’t part of this- that the millionaires who were involved in child trafficking were too wealthy to involve themselves in drugs. This in and of itself is ridiculous, as they seem to go together, and the people who were involved with all of this have NEVER HAD ENOUGH MONEY IN THEIR LIVES. Empires were built on the money cocaine brought in, and Kevin Dobson and the government paperwork involving him show his cocaine trafficking in Omaha, thus negating this statement and showing that drugs in the 80’s flowed just as freely here as they did everywhere else.

However, other than that- he has a good grasp of the specifics of the political cases surrounding events here, as well as being a champion of Alecia Owen, who was really the only real victim regarding the “famous three” in my opinion.

For those who want a quick hour summary of the events surrounding Omaha, it is a really good listen!

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  1. Dawn Star

     /  February 20, 2012

    I read your article twice and I didn’t see where you said Alicia Owens was the only real victim of the “famous three.” After real victim, I must have lost it for a moment. It wasn’t until after I posted my comment that I saw it. I still disagree since Troy Boner is dead. And, Danny King and Paul Bonacci were brutally beaten on several occasions. And, like you, they were forced to participate in and witness ritual abuse and murder. Not to mention, no matter what was and wasn’t consensual. It is always abuse when it involves a minor and an adult. As far as the rest of my rantings, I apologize.

  2. admin

     /  February 20, 2012

    Dawn, no worries- I appreciate the comments. In my book Rabbit Hole, my contention is that history choose to focus on these three when in actuality, there were thousands. I was a bit irritated when I wrote this article. Thanks so much for your reply- I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Tia

     /  March 14, 2012

    i have followed the johnny gosch case/franklin scandal/ mkultra over the internet mainly, some truly sick insidious stuff. just crazy enough to be true perhaps. if even a third of this stuff is true then.. wow. to say the least i have no respect for the “higher ups” and dare I make a connection between all of this and the NWO or Illuminati. society really needs to take the blinders off, this world is such an evil place. my heart goes out to Noreen Gosch for her tireless efforts to find out the truth about her son. In the end, my real question is, what in the world can we do to stop this