Waking the Consciousness of a Dream: An Update for Col. Michael Aquino and his Associates

First, I want to thank you. Had it not been for your help so early on in my life, I might never have had my eyes, and my mind, opened in the way that it has. Your help was instrumental in many ways, and I just wanted to take a chance to say thank you, as I don’t think that I have ever actually said thanks.

With that said, I feel that I need to reach out to you and explain where we are at this point. As we are all beginning to realize, things have taken a drastic turn- and a shift has taken place, and I need to explain to you why.

You understand what was done to me and why, but we are beyond that now. The important thing is that we both understand that things have changed. I believe you have started to realize that the old ways no longer work, and search as you may- there is no way for you or any of your ilk to regain what you have lost.

You taught me about spiritual warfare, but you were incorrect. You see, the word war would denote that your side has a chance of winning, and that is no longer the case. Actually, it never was. The problem is that those who have been involved with this for generations have deluded themselves with so many falsehoods that you have lost track of the one truth it would have behooved you all to remember- which is that the greatest sin is standing in the light of God and claiming it for your own narcissistic desires. Each of you has begun to realize that the protection once offered is no longer, and have begun to finally see yourselves accountable for that which you have fed. The party is over- and no one is getting out of paying the check this time.

Mohammad actually got it correct- for all of Heaven has embraced those that fell. Someone with good intentions told me that what I have done is against God, and that Satan and all his minions are going to be cast into an eternal fire pit, and I as well if I didn’t stop what I was doing. I explained to him this way. In a way it mirrors Harry Potter, but instead of vanquishing Valdemort, I was able to help “him” back to Heaven, where he was welcomed in triumph for doing the work of Heaven and God all along, as were all the fallen.

No one- not man nor angel- can thwart the will of Heaven. There is no eternal pit of fire; however, there is unfortunately a darkness that has a life of its own. Michael, you and your kind know this darkness, for it is what you have worked so hard at achieving, and thus it is offered as a gift from the Universe. ALL of the angels have been embraced back in Heaven however, which is why you have found no help of late.

As such, I need to remind you all that what you have done- collectively, has consequences, and since you were all so eager to invoke God’s wrath, you are going to be given what you have desired for so long.

The rules of this game are simple. Turn away from the darkness and make this right or you will be claimed by the very darkness you have shared with so many others. How you do this is up to you, but I suggest you act soon, as the time is upon us. Those who refuse to turn will be claimed by the dark, where you will live out, for however long, your darkest fantasies- reenacting upon yourselves the same darkness you have shared with so many others. There is no escape, and in total darkness and total silence, those who find themselves in this place will drive themselves crazy in the depths of their desires.

I was able to pour my hate and rage into this darkness, effectively giving it away so that I no longer had to endure keeping it in my heart. Due to the fact that you and your group willingly bonded yourselves to me as a child, I was able to consciously offer those shackles to that which lives in the dark, further releasing me from your hold. Conscious intent, remember. You should know, however, that I demanded that those who personally were involved with my abuse be treated as special pets in the dark, and it was only after being reassured over and over that I gave up my hold.

It is funny- the mood was definitely different at the Bohemian Grove this year. Arrogant overconfidence has been replaced with a silent unrest. All of the systems are breaking down and falling apart, and none of us can escape that which is inevitable. The problem with your group is that you eat your own. Therefore, you all have secrets from each other, and now you are all finding yourselves isolated in your own webs of deceit- able to trust no one, let alone yourselves. You know best of all what you taught me to do Michael, and yet- who can you talk to without exposing what you have done? You all toyed with something you shouldn’t have, and now it is time to pay the piper. I was simply a doorway, just like you taught. The thing is, in the end, I was given a choice- which is what I am offering all of you now.

Expose the darkness and bring it out into the light, or be claimed by it. You will have no rest until you embrace the light however. Little sleep, no rest. I had to learn how to embrace the dark before I ever got a chance to find the light- therefore the same will be true for all of you. I am no longer afraid of the darkness Michael, and you will discover that I have been incredibly effective in mastering it. The whole question is how one channels it, and it seems as if your group has awakened a deep and ancient anger- which is about to claim all those who refuse to embrace the light.

Knowing that you would demand proof, I have been told to tell you that all of Heaven is about to move mountains to wash away your largest and most blatant symbol of power. A new time is upon us, and in the end, no one will question the Hand of God. Have no doubt- we are in the Tribulation, and your group no longer has any control. Do what you know you must to survive, but have no doubt that your choices will have consequences, and in the end- you will judge yourself accordingly.

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  1. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!