Running into My Father’s Widow

The night before last, my other half and I went out to dinner with a friend of ours at a local south Omaha mexican establishment and who should be sitting two tables away from us but my father’s widow. After discovering she was sitting by us, Mike made me swear that I wouldn’t interact with her- as I wanted to go up and say something to her, so I just sat where I was not saying anything. After a few minutes, I have to say that I enjoyed myself.

You would think that she would have some sort of reaction to seeing me- as it is well known that I have been trying to get her and my father investigated for their conduct in a child traffiking ring. If someone was making such allegations about me- along with calling me a pedophile- I would have made a point to express my dislike for the person and what they were saying about me, however, she spent her time avoiding my gaze- never ONCE looking me in the face, even though I was sitting right across from her. Even when she and the man she was obviously with got up to leave (which was before our table even got our food), she did everything she could to avoid looking at me.

I have come to the conclusion that she is more pathetic than even I gave her credit for. Good at manhandling children and stricking out in the confines of her house- she doesn’t have the strength of character to initiate contact with those who accuse her. She would probably say that she was afraid of me- which I would agree with- but not for the reasons she would offer up. Never once interacting with each other- no one in the place knew that she had raised me- or that I had the issues with her that I did.

I just know that if someone was saying the things about me that I am saying about her, I would have said something. An innocent person wouldn’t just slink out of the place trying hard not to be noticed.

Knowing that she checks my site- and that she will read this- I just wanted to put something out there just for her. It seems to me, now that I am no longer a child and under your control- that you arent able to attack me like you did once. Funny. I just want to say for the record how absolutely pathetic you are. You are big to dominate and terrorize children- but aren’t so strong that you are able to face them when they are adults.


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