An Update on Omaha, NE

Knowledge is power. If Wikileaks has taught us anything, I believe it is this. The status quo is toppling, and at a time that is almost prophetic. History shows that the rich and powerful will do what they want until a time when the people rise up, bringing with them protests and revolution. Much like what we are seeing in the Middle East now, although I believe that Wisconsin is the beginning of the process for the United States.

The information age has made it virtually impossible to keep anything quiet, and Omaha is building up to be a prime example of this- as fortunes were made during the time when a child, gun, and drug trafficking network was solidly in place back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. All of this was covered up, but now with the internet and such, the details of what occurred are finally beginning to come out in a way that make sense, as the more we understand about human trafficking and pedophile groups, the more we comprehend the reality of what was going on in the heart of the nation. One only has to follow the money at the time to conclude who was involved, as the men who were involved became some of the richest men in the land as a result of their activities. However, the time of claiming it was all a well-played out hoax is over, as it seems that the cat has finally fought its way out of the bag.

I have joined a group here in Omaha that consists of survivors and survivor advocates who intend to reach out to the victims who survived, with a focus on advocacy, outreach, and education- as there seems to be a great need for that here. (Although Omaha is far from being the only place in the nation with such problems, as the videos on indicate child prostitution of boys was also prevalent in Houston Texas at the same time). Obviously one of our first goals is too publically expose this issue as a problem, as you first have to rip off a scab to get to the infection underneath and we intend to do this in a couple of ways.

First, we are working together to self-publish “Confessions of an “Antichrist”- Gay Omaha from the Franklin Affair Onward”, my autobiography detailing my experiences with many of the men involved with what was happening during the time when the Franklin Credit Union crashed and the “satanic panic” occurred. As a survivor in this whose family was intimately connected to those really involved, although never convicted- such as the likes of Alan Baer, I explain the complexities of what was really happening here, as well as detailing my own personal struggle of what it was like to survive the events that occurred in Omaha. Although I am not the only survivor in the group- I am the only one who has a book in hand, and considering that my father was a practicing high priest in the satanic activities that were happening, it is our group’s contention that it needs to be published asap.

Secondly, we are going to research the abductions of Ricky Chadek and Jacob Wetterling, as there are many commonalities connecting my family to these abductions. The artist sketches of the abductor in the Wetterling case looks exactly like my father without his toupee, and considering that a big blue truck and a white Oldsmobile are associated with many of the child abductions in the area, and my family owned both- it is my belief that my family was involved in a child abduction ring. More importantly, Ricky Chadek vacationed at the same lake in Minnesota as my family (Silver Lake), which is one more connection my family has to the abductions that happened here. A member of our group is connected to the Chadek case in such a way that Ricky was considered a family member to him, which is fueling our need to know what was going on with all of these abductions. Personally connected to the family, we are about to begin our own investigation into the death of not only Ricky, but also several other children that disappeared at the time. On, I have a video of a woman speaking about NAMBLA and the statistics of child abductions going on at the time, which helps to validate that more was happening than what has been reported, and more to the point, what has truly been investigated.

I have been asked to speak at this year’s SMART conference in Hartford, CT (details of which can be found on ), and I plan on using this opportunity to help empower this nations survivors, as many of the issues involved with Omaha were prevalent in many other places throughout the nation. There is power in numbers, and what I realized last year attending the conference was that there are a great deal more of us than any of us have an idea of- further indicating a need for us to come together and share our experiences with the public in order to expose crimes that have been committed by our nation’s elite, in hopes of stopping further occurrences.

The time for silence and complacency is over, and it has been my experience that many people in Omaha are hungry to know what really happened here. This has been further fueled by the fact that Mayor Suttle was connected to the Franklin mess through association with a key member of his staff- who was accused by a boy who claimed to be a victim of the prostitution ring that occurred here. Nothing came of the police report the boy filed, as he killed himself the next day. The story is common, much like many others who have found themselves caught up with this. However, it is further indication that Omaha, and the events that occurred here, need to be reinvestigated in a way that reveals answers instead of the chaos that has been presented by officials so far. If this “satanic panic” that raged throughout our nation was a well-played hoax, the time has come to seek out who was behind such activities; however, there are many of us who know the truth, and that the hoax that was perpetrated was not what was presented to the public. Contrary to the belief of some, people are nowhere near as dumb as the media would like to believe. The time is coming that will begin to show us how true this statement really is.

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