This Organized Pedophilia is NOT a Partisan Issue

There seems to be this push to make this organized Pedophilia about either the Democrats or Republicans. One or the other.

But this is disingenuous and a lie at best, as it is BOTH. What we are fighting is not based on one political party- but the SYSTEM as a whole.

There simply are no more “Mr. Smith’s” in Washington any more.

This world is pretty much evil in my opinion. Not that there isn’t good in it- but often you have to look REALLY hard for it. And those who serve this Master will throw up anyone they can to serve and promote their house.

I am not political really as I don’t much care for either side. There are two times I refused to vote in my adult life- the first was when Obama ran against Mitt Romney. I disliked them both.

The second was this last time with Trump and Clinton. Basically it was the same situation. In the end I decided I didn’t hate my fellow man enough to vote for either of them. And I wasn’t alone as the majority of Americans followed the same suit.

In the end I couldn’t decide who was the lesser evil and either way it was a vote for evil- as BOTH camps were running as false prophets- claiming to be mankind’s savior.

The SYSTEM is the Devil’s house. It does not, has not, and never will offer redemption. Nor will those who serve that house.

Voting for the lesser evil is STILL a vote for evil in my opinion.

And it is the SYSTEM that is behind this pedophilia, as it offers amazing amounts of money and power- and worst of all- gives the finger to our Father.

And no one who serves the System can fight the System.

Our salvation resides in our Father and serving the Word. And our Father doesn’t vote.

So I am neither against Republicans nor Democrats- but rather the SYSTEM BOTH serve.

You can only serve ONE master- and there are only two to choose from.

I’ve made my choice.

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