Regarding the 1 Minute Video the Trolls Are Posting Everywhere They Can

The Trolls trying to defame me are posting a 1 minute video of mine that I posted a year or so ago- but considering that the original video was about 10 minutes in length- it shows how disingenuous they are with their editing.

I DID attack my nephew when I was 13- which I have been quite open about. At the time of that attack- I also, directly after, tried to kill myself so at the same time the police came- so did an ambulance. It was determined I was having a psychotic break, which being forced to light a man on fire when I was 10 contributed too, so social workers were ordered into my father’s house. Two months later I tried to kill myself again- believing the only way to prevent me from becoming the AntiChrist was for me to kill myself- so a week after my 14th birthday I was directed to sign myself into Cherokee Mental Health Institute- where I spent 5 months.

But let me point out- this happened 38 years ago- when I was a child suffering unspeakable abuse- and I have spent years trying to atone for this situation. Obviously I haven’t hid it- as I made a video talking about it, so the trolls trying to use it as a “gotcha moment” doesn’t work.

They are just doing what they have always done- trying to revictimize a victim in order to discredit me and shut me down- and they don’t care WHO they hurt- as I know my nephew does NOT want to be used by them in such a way. But they don’t care as they will use and hurt anyone they want in order to try and achieve their objective.

What they are doing right now, today, says way more about who they are than it does about me and a situation that happened almost 4 decades ago in my childhood.

The question is WHY? What is their objective? And why are they so focused on it that they will stalk anyone who supports me to share it?

It proves what I said in my last interview.

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