Doug Mesner, the CIA, Child Trafficking, and Me

religion: a master and slave relationship

“I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.”

No one really knows what the CIA does for definite. They are about as secret as secret organizations go- much like the Russian KGB. But one can assume it is about the same as Russia’s crime ridden KGB.

However- I am well aware of some of what Doug Mesner aka the Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves
is involved with.

I first had to deal with this narcissistic sociopath on Amazon- as he was combating and attacking anyone and everyone who claimed they were victims of Satanic Ritual abuse as a child.

Going as “karmakaze” and many variables of this same name- he attacked, discredited, and threatened anyone who spoke out. I, along with Pat Goodwin- fought him and his group for years in the comments sections in books such as “Sybil Exposed” and “22 Faces” on Amazon. He and another who called themself “Critthink” .

Critthink aka Menagerie aka Amber Vollaton dropped out of the picture after the murder of Lori King… which you can read about here…

Doug has given seminar after seminar trashing survivors of ritual abuse- claiming putting your penis in a baby’s mouth does it no neurological harm- when he isn’t exposing himself in public after doing weird rituals for the late Westboro Baptist Minister’s dead mother to make her gay in the afterlife or getting a non for profit in 10 days for his “Satanic after-school day care” program exposing child to his demented ass.

I unfortunately have to deal with this pervert on a constant basis in my life. This protection order taken out on me in WA- claiming I threatened Algona police, which was a total lie- had 15 videos listed that had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner- who then proceeded to send me email after email threatening me- telling me how I was either going to be murdered in jail or “lobotomized” in a mental hospital while dancing around like a rabid hyena proclaiming how this DEW weapon they have on me was going to kill me and that I would be dead soon.

Of course I am still here. Worse for wear but still alive even though last April and May it made me drop over 100 pounds – although I have gained some of it back. Never has it happened before- so unless you believe I had some sort of weird cancer that went away after two months – something had to cause it.

His emails stopped shortly before March 1st when I had to go back to court in Pacific. Probably because he was told to shut his mouth as it is hard to claim he isn’t involved when he is going out of his way to shove it down my throat that he is involved.

The result of my court case? I as the defendant have to interact personally with the Prosecuting attorney who- for a year- has the option to put me in jail- which is totally unheard of for most I have spoken to. Reporting to the judge or the court itself is one thing- or through my lawyer- but forcing me to interact with the prosecutor personally? Everyone I know finds that fishy and far from normal.

Which is why I have concluded that Mesner is in fact working with our governments CIA_ who is trying to close me down from exposing my family who was involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. Events that the NY Times reported went straight to the George Bush Sr and Ronald Reagan White House.

They don’t want this coming out on top of the already ensuing chaos that has already gripped out political system at the moment.

And when you look at it – I have no reason to lie and they have EVERY reason to do so. What would I benefit? But they benefit quite a bit. I mean a child disappearing every 27 seconds is quite a great deal of profit- and since NOONE really knows what the CIA does- it certainly cannot without a shadow of a doubt be ruled out.

Considering what Mesner is all about- it answers the question why the CIA would have chosen him. The question is- will anyone do anything about it?

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