The Attacks on Me Just Ensue

Obviously “they” don’t much care for my blog as they are trying to sign me in so many times that it is locking me out.

They are- as always- on top of me to try and shut me up. I am also getting sent screen shots about YouTube lowering my numbers on my videos. Not that it matters but it is interesting.

Our govt is doing their best to shut me down. Their DEW weapon is on me full blast non stop and though our media acts like they have no idea what hit Cuban officials- I have shared definite proof as to what these weapons are and the fact that they DO exist.

Our media doesn’t care as well as our FBI AND our Dept of Justice- as they have all been contacted and each has just ignored it. And again- all of this is happening to me because I tried to get my parents investigated for being involved with child trafficking.

We are so concerned about Russia killing spies but our govt is killing average American citizens who are simply trying to do the right thing. Children matter no matter WHAT they believe.

No one wants the attention all of this has brought to me. Most have no clue and the “attention” I am receiving is in the form of constant attacks and murder attempts – as well as a huge group of evil buttheads spreading lies about me- making it all about me in order to deflect what I have tried to do.

The truth is if our law officials would have done what they are paid to do in the first place- none of this would have been necessary. But there are some things in life that are worth taking a stand for and I believe the safety of our children is one of them.

Obviously – I stand alone in this.

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