Noreen Gosch- Mother of Johnny Gosch- and Her Web of Lies

I have people looking into stuff all the time- and today I got sent this email that I got permission to share.

“Well here it is pure 100% Noreen busted in a lie …
1.Noreen on the Faith Daniel show 1992. Live footage of NOREEN meeting Paul Banocci in prison, shortly after Paul came forward saying he helped abduct her son. Go to 6:28 thru 7:10.

(Side note @ 1hr45min Noreen exposes John Gosh as being a regular at “the Mark” club in the company of Larry King at times this is interesting bc in 2015 John Gosch is back in the mix, hes in the the who took Johnny doc film giving interviews and so forth, but in 2005 Noreen What is implementing him in johnny’s disappearance)

2.) In 2005 Noreen says that when Bonacci first confessed in prison to taking part in Johnny’s abduction that John gosch got the phone call from DeCamp and kept it a secret from Noreen (the confession, bonacci..all of it) and he went to the prison with a Noreen Gosch lookalike when Bonacci first came forward and that it wasn’t until YEARS later that she learned all this? ..well the Faith Daniels interview remembers history different. It shows Noreen at the jail face to face with Bonacci WHEN HE FIRST CAME FORWARD. Go to 1hr48min thru 1hr55min.

Also David I want to mention (in case this gets you fired up enough to call out Noreen AGAIN…WHAT THE FUCK WAS ALL THAT JEFF GANNON BULLSHIT IN 2005??? In 2015 in the doc film no mention of Gannon. Who is/was he? Where is he? Did he ever take the DNA test? Would we even know he if did? Does it matter? Or was it all just BS to get the Gosch name in the headlines again??”

The whole reason that the Johnny Gosch case has become about Omaha, Boystown, and Franklin Credit is because they are trying to discredit the whole situation with the circus that Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonnaci, and their group have created. But a news paper boy that was abducted in West Des Moines IA is NOT synonymous with what was going on in another state- namely Omaha, NE- NO MATTER what people like Nick Bryant and Noreen Gosch and their little group have to say.

Nick Bryant comes to Omaha from New York- talks to the same old people for about 4 years, and now claims he is the EXPERT on what happened in Omaha- although I KNOW he didn’t speak to any of the people I KNOW. It is complete and utter bullshit- and is being done to keep Omaha- and what happened there- under wraps under a cloud of utter lunacy that turns ANY AND EVERYONE who looks into it completely off. This is being done on purpose.

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